The Bird That Taught Me How to Fly

I met a bird with broken wings,
And she taught me how to fly.
Wild almonds are strawberries,
Free in the midday sun,
Flying higher than high.

You say that you used to be big,
And you're so small now.
To me, you aren't.

You say that you used to matter,
And now you kind of don't,
To me, you do.

Or do I have to break it all?
After all, you know a thing or two about breaking.

Tell me who I have become,
Tell me why I never back down,
Just like you.

Tell me if I have changed,
Tell me if I'm still the same,
Just like you.

Or do I have to dig deeper?
After all, you know a thing or two about digging.

No matter how broken you are,
No matter if what you are
Is nothing like what you were,

No matter how close,
No matter how far,
You might be somebody's right star.
A wandering soul is there for you to tame.

You find the way once,
Just once,
Everything else is just patching the tears.

You throw the anchor once,
Just once,
Or you're the blind charting the stars.
And all that remains is a name.

To begin again
Find new beginning
An allow it to wrap itself in you.

And I tried!
I went the other way,
For the second best.
But here I am again.
You were never that far.

And I tried
To forget the day
I first felt peaceful,
But here I am again.
You are my right star.

May 08th, October 21st and 22nd, November 03rd 2016.

A sparrow on the beach

A sparrow on the beach

This started out as another poem in "Copy is the Original" series, but then I realised that it can apply to anything and anybody I love in any way. A "Whole of the Moon" kind of a thing. Or maybe not.

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