Belgrade, September 2016

A collection of photos taken around the city in September 2016. If you really, really want to experience the weirdness of Belgrade, you have to come here...

...and, perhaps, run into Piksi - the guy with a recorder who will randomly single you among the passerby and serenade you or serenade a fictional person on your behalf. The last time he singled me out, about a month ago, he sung about how I was attractive when he was under the influence. Ohwell.

Old Street Musicians in Belgrade

These two men are great musicians. They did not play when I first spotted them, but they are known to burst into an occasional sevdalinka. The blonde behind the man on the right, however, does not seem to be amused.


Took this photo while waiting for my "deset upola s lukom i kajmakom". This man totally knew he was being photographed and there's always something about thin people with ugly glasses that they're better without and a smoke, I guess.

Deset upola s lukom i kajmakom

And these would be the "deset upola s lukom i kajmakom" aka ten ćevapčići in half of a pita bread called somun, with some onions and a dollop of young kajmak. If you're one of those people who claim they look like poop, you're probably from outside of continental Europe and eating gross stuff made of blood, so you have no say.

Things That Fly

This little girl was very enthusiastic about her animal balloon type of a thing that is not an animal at all.

The MJT, Fall '16 Edition

This would be my mother, the MJT.

New pals

An exceptionally friendly dog, getting tummy rubs from pretty much everybody while her owner was in the bakery.

On the Phone

Saw this girl sitting in the doorway while on a bike ride and thought it would make for a nice, colourful photo. And it did. I think.

The Shaky Bridge Bikers

Branko's Bridge - which could have been named after any of the two late writers called Branko, one of whom jumped off it to his death - is one of the two bridges over Sava in Belgrade with a proper bike lane and a bike lift. And its condition is not so good. It famously shook in 2007 after the Rolling Stones concert with a bunch of people on it (I don't like to remember this!)

The Confluence

The confluence of Sava and Danube (known as "the confluence of sound" in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest campaign) as seen from the Danube quay.

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