Apart, Away, A Part, A Way (Noon)

How can you love those who are not here? You ask.
I tell you about my years that you missed and your disapproval is odd to me.
The only way I have ever know is apart.
A part falls apart
And finds its way to the heart.

Remember when you set out on your own
And no matter the hell and fire behind you,
You were still looking over your shoulder?
Now, remember how I didn't know any of that.
I just knew there was something that set you apart.
I never knew that you once were a missing part.

Remember how it was not over just yet
And no matter the pain and struggle behind you,
You still had some more years to suffer?
Me, I was strangely fascinated by all of that.
I learned not to believe in curses and follow my heart.

You see me like
The red Sun rushing to catch a cheap flight
Knows the incoming night.
I see you like
The indestructible spirit waking me up
Chases away the fright.
Do you see how it works now?
We see each other like
The hot noon colouring ruins with scent of smoke
Sees the hunger for life.

So, yes, I can love those who are not here, I reply.
They are somewhere else where they got their chance and it's enough to me.
The only way I have ever known is away.
Away finds a way.
And feeds a part to a stray.

- October 05th, 2016

The concept of this one should make no sense to anybody. I guess it's about loving anything and anybody despite their past, present, hardships and even their feelings for you and their physical presence. Whatever or whoever they may be. All kinds of love are the same here and often pushed back because the world forces romantic love on us.

The narrator expresses this view to her mysterious friend after the thoughts the latter overheard in Dead Man's Curve (Sunset). The friend does not seem to understand at first, as she is the type who will seize the day no matter what and is aware that things can end at any given time, which she experienced multiple times in the past. The narrator eventually boils it down to their own rapport after a long time apart, as explored in Notastray (Sunrise).

The friend's answer to the narrator comparing everything, ever to her own story remains unknown. Maybe it's a story that they will share the next time they share some sunrises, sunsets and noons.

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