Dead Man’s Curve (Sunset)

Been one year, as of yesterday
How I wish you were here, I say,
I don't hear myself with cars passing
Maybe you did not hear it either.
I admit I had forgotten about it
Because finally being with her again
Matters more than not being with you.
Guess whom she shares her birthday with?

This is my last night with her.
She fits the role perfectly
You'd think nothing ever happened to her
But you would be wrong, and how!

Would you like to be here, on the cliff?
I'm not waiting for your confirmation
For no eternal intra-wanderer would
Not want to be on a dead man's curve.
An occasional eye like yours and mine,
Among the pale eyes that cannot yet see.
Man in an uniform trapped in a tin churchlet.
Guess where he had driven to one day?

But it's just me and Old Rusty.
He fits the role perfectly
You'd think something bad happened to him
But he's just rolling, somehow...

September 06th, 10th and 24th 2016

The counterpart to Notastray.

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