Notastray (Sunrise)

The lights go out and everybody is sleeping,
In the silly hours of the night, it's just you and me.
So long apart, we quickly grew back together,
Just as long as it once took you to be gone, forever.

The street lights, all one-eyed, burn all night long,
But I can still see the starry sky,
It's the other way round back at home.

The stray dogs in a pack of six come along,
Looking for food in trash bins,
As if each of them was a crystal dome.

Stars are going off, one by one,
Sky turns pink with reddish hues on top,
My first sunrise with you takes my breath away,
I want the best seat around, for the new day.

Running out in nightwear and slippers,
Crossing the street to the rising sun,
Stopping short of a crashing wave ahead,

I am surrounded by a group of strays,
they look for friends in empty chairs,
And before us, the sky is painted red.

It's dawning and we are with the dogs,
You are astray and I am a stray.
I drag my fingers through the relief
And I see another line or grey.
Can't read the letters, but there they are,
All the words only pictures can say.

It's dawning and we are with the dogs,
You're not a stray and I'm not astray.
It's cold when there are no shadows,
The red dissolves into a new day.
I see you around, above and below
And I know I have found my way.

August 30th and September 02nd, 06th and 09th, 2016

Original title: The Dogs

The narrator and the strange character are together again. This is what it looks like.

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