Spinning Beehive

You light the torch and hide in the fire,
A scruffy bumblebee entering hibernation.
Passive-aggressive, yelling into the dire,
I am what I am, an error in classification.

You are so funny
Or am I really teasing
I laugh at your struggle
While I am not berating
The more that I push
The more you do pull
In my confusion
I made you a fool
I did not expect this
Your final moves
I see typing hands
But I have hooves.

More inside than there was ever outside,
You are what you are, a spinning beehive.
Pom-poms outside, clogged on the inside,
I give a great impression of being so alive.

I love you so much
But I don't love you enough
I think I am so tender
But I am so rough
The closer that I am
The less of you I see
My eyes get so lazy
My pride is fooling me
I'm blinded by idleness
Not by some light
I think I'm a friend
Yet I put up a fight.

Shrinking inside, crushed on the outside,
You have a sting, no more reason to be kind.
Spreading outside, slowly eating my insides,
I am out of control, out of sense and mind.

They let me go
I guess it was you
I think I'm hurt so
Yet I did hurt you
I am stepping back
Phasing it all out
I am now so quiet
In reality, I shout
I think you play king
But you are off grid
I am an adult now
Yet I'm such a kid.

Making figure eights before a swarm of bees,
You lose all the honey and run into the fields.
Chasing off my sugar, falling from my trees,
I take off my nets and drop all of my shields.

I love you this much
To me, it's enough
I will never be tender
But I am not rough
The further that I went
The more of you I saw
When I was above
I really was below
With a different light
I see there is no track
I can't erase this path
But I got your back.

- August 07th 2016

The word "love" does not have to be used in a romantic way here.

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