She Was the World to Me

She was the world to me,
Everything else was keeping my breath in the vacuum.
She was my happiness,
Everything else was a life of blacks, whites and greys.

And then they took me away from her
An aneurysm,
Mad Cows,
Going broke,
Being sad.
And they took me to another world
Latin extended,
Never felt free
Under a dark sky,
Never glad.
No longer mine.

She was my own planet in a way,
Everything else screamed loneliness and boredom.
She was my paradise,
Everything else was showing off, for the sake of it.

All the roads lead me back to her
Sad stories,
Saving up,
Matters of the heart.
You can have any other planet,
Hot spots,
Seeing to be seen,
Modern art.
But she's mine.

- July 17th and 18th, 2016

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