Cinderella and the Dancing Bear

I'm sure you liked it all back then...
But how about right now?

I'm sure you liked it all back then...
But there is so much right now.

I'm sure you do relate to those cool things from long before your birth so much.
I'm sure you're keen on the fall of USSR, and an utopistic country's bloody war.
Bright colours and future films are the only slice of reality in your privilege.
Yes, I know it's the best ever to your heart, for you were not there.
No, it was not the best thing ever, you would't have liked it there.
How about right now?

I'm sure you love what never existed, or existed as a simulated, cold, calculated thing.
I'm sure you would've wanted to see a twice fallen star the way you made it out to be.
Far away from your eyes - far away from the heart, you say as you claim you suffer.
But why do you need to look at everything with more than just eyes?
Do you really need anything of yourself other than a pair of eyes?
How about right now?

I'm sure that boys will be boys, because that anachronism speaks to all your insecurities.
I'm sure that you totally wish you could have anybody you wanted, one, two per day or so.
People age, people change and you mock them when they turn out to be far more than loins.
But how does that relate to anything?
Did that ever relate to a thing?
How about right now?

Three thousand sighs for back then...
Only a handful for right now?!

All those dreams taken away from you...
And no solace in right now?!

I'm sure it's cruel that you may never get the dancing bear on a leash through its big nose.
I'm sure you wish you were born earlier, say, in eighty-three like me, regardless of where.
And that my story of loss, empty shelves, stigma and never having what you had is nothing.
But they made freedom sound like a straight jacket to wear?
Did you see me, did you see Cinderella and the dancing bear?
How about right now?

I'm sure that world of lad stories that should've been left behind is more exciting to you.
I'm sure that hearing a person talk tech and dreams is, as you say, "autism and schizophrenia".
And that you would rather get your time of the day and forget that unmanly stuff right now.
But what do you know - I'm not with you, I won't and I don't think of it that way.
It's an overrated thing, it does not come from the heart when you go put it that way.
How about right now?

I'm sure that there was that one Christmas some years ago when we've all been really really bad.
I'm sure that Santa totally shoved an used diaper down your chimney to kill all your big dreams.
And that you have never paid attention to Lockjaw or the fish that belonged to the sea.
But one day, it hits you hard, and you feel complete being just you.
It's hard to realise, but you will survive, yo go on and just be you.
How about right now?

You say there are obstacles in this stance...
But how about right now?

I say there is so much more in the distance...
So how about right now?

- July 21st, 2016

A person looks at "popular content" and "unpopular content" and then gets really, really mad.

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