Stabs in Eclipse

They hurt you from here,
They hurt you from there,
Somebody stabs your heart.

When you stumble in the dark,
And only see a spark,
You think it's the Great Generator.

W...what was that?

They hurt me from here,
They hurt me from there
Somebody stabs my heart.

When I stumble in the dark,
And don't even see a spark,
I think it's going to cure me.

Enough of that!

You have had dozens
To stab you through the heart,
I have had a handful,
Not even enough for a branch.

There are days
When I don't feel right
About having my name,
Because it used to be something else,
Before I came along,
Before you came along.

I know who I am...
But do you? Do you?
Contrary to what they say,
O, da, znaš.

You know who you are...
But do I? Do I?
Contrary to what you think,
Oh yes, I do.

You have a handful,
To stab you through the heart,
I have dozens,
To cover an entire tree,
And they are all you.

They're all you.

April 28th, 2016 - Stabs

July 2015, October 23rd 2015, July 03rd 2016 - Eclipse

July 14th, 2016 - Stabs In Eclipse

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