I'd left you for a girl
But I will be back
Just like you were each time
I've known her for so long
Ever since I was a child
I've been without her
Like with and without you
These days, I dream of her
And you are nowhere to be
Found in any of those dreams
She's seen so much death
That you wouldn't believe her
And she would not believe you
She never gave me a cold shoulder
Or anything even remotely untrue

You're so big
She is so small
In a way
You could swallow her whole
Two hundred times

She's got the weapons
But they were never aimed at you
She's got the stones
But they were never quite like yours
She's got the moves
For mortals like me
For immortals like her
For immortals like you

She is so big
You are so small
In a way.
She could swallow you whole
Two hundred times

You will have to dig deeper
You will have to dig deeper
See me later
After you've seen me
After you've been me
After you've walked all over me
After I've seen you
After I've been you
After you've been all around me
After I've walked out on me
And back to you

This mentality
We are brutal
We are verbal
We love openly
We are shallow
We are callow
We are swallows
This abnormality

I will have to dig deeper
I will have to dig deeper
See you later
After I've seen her
After I've been her
After I've walked all over her
After she's seen me
After she's been me
After she's been all around me
After I've walked out on me
And back to you.

July 13th, 14th and 15th, 2016

The second "person" here, strangely enough, never appeared in anything I wrote as an adult.

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