Maze of Pipes / Lavirint cevi

Maze of Pipes

A waterfall baby,
A dream from the past,
Fading away to that old year.

I won't forgive,
As there's nothing to forgive,
I might be breathing water,
But I'm not water-driven.

Nothing more than a maze of pipes,
Squeaky-clean on the outside
With rust bleeding in them.

That's what he was,
Some weak lines.
That's the only thing he can be,
A maze of pipes.


Lavirint cevi

Dete vodopada,
san prošlih vremena,
bledi sve do te stare godine.

Ne praštam,
jer nemam zbog čega,
možda udišem vodu,
ali me ona ne pokreće.

Ništa više do lavirinta cevi,
blistavo čistih spolja,
krvarećih rđom iznutra.

To je bio on,
gomila slabih stihova.
To je jedino što može da bude,
lavirint cevi.

- October 01st, 2013. Conceived as an idea in 2011.

This is a leftover from an earlier series, written as-it-was-happening in 2011. I am not sure what was going on through my mind to write 15 poems, four of which were apparently about being a bicycle and not in the "town bicycle away". Just like many of the ideas I had back then, that one suddenly resurfaced in another person's head in a completely unrelated context.

So, yes, Tour d'Ennui was about a person trying to date a homosexual/bisexual alcoholic who had a nymphomaniac friend with benefits, just for the sake of normalising oneself. And convincing oneself that there was something more than that involved.

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