The Masterdream

Cutting the fight?
Killing the light!
Knitting the night.

Flicking through,
Browsing through,
Assorted clips of the Masterdream.

Pink pegs?!
From a walking-talking picture book.
Black nails?
From a crawling distillery.
I'll clip them the way they should be,
Where they should remain,
I'll line them on a rope,
Hang them dry and preserve them,
Arrange them,
By correct date and time.

Always saying
I will not
Rewind them again,
But I do.

You breathe what you remember
And dream of what you breathed
And that's why your breath is stale.

You love what you thought was you
And what was you, you didn't love
And that's why your love is pale.

Stopping the song?
I don't belong!
I got it wrong.

Flicking through,
Browsing through,
Assorted clips of the Masterdream.

Bubble gum?
From a hyper, bright, happymachine.
Lego wheels?
From an empty pillow cover.
I'll attach them where they should be,
So they don't fall out.
I'll stick them to my mind,
Make sure they don't fall out,
Keep them going,
As there's got to be more time.

Almost thought
I would not,
That I'd drop them,
But I can't.

- Many, many dates, including an unknown date in January or February 2012, September 24th 2013, January 23rd 2014 and July 13th, 2016.

I have no idea what I wrote and why it took me so long, but it probably, probably started around the time I wrote Satellite of a Satellite's Satellite and Latebra. I think it's about leaving toxic friendships and those that never worked out behind, but I am not sure.

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