The World

This is a man/woman world,
So, what are you doing here?
Who sent you,
And how dare you fly on your own,
With a full pair of wings?


This is a somebody/somebody world,
So what are you doing here?
Did man/woman ones send you
And how dare you think it doesn't matter
When it means everything?

- February 14th and November 15th, 2015

Nothing to do with the poems about this strange strong female character, not one of the confessional ones. One of the rare things I wrote during my almost-dry spell. It's about how the world devalues people who are aromantic or leaning towards the aromantic side, people who prefer finding and being found than putting themselves out there or putting out in general, and similar. And yes, about how the world treats people on the asexuality spectrum. When you tick one, two or all three of these boxes, you are devalued because of the default view that everybody is validated by having a relationship, as if that was the only thing proving their value. Men are sissies, women have daddy issues, right? Screw that!

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