The strangest stamp in one's passport.
The strangest page in the other's diary.
Golden crops none of them will harvest.
Horizon of the most sinister slavery.

There goes your precious slave to the system.

They said it wasn't that way and they won't listen.

Nothing changed
That very day.
Nothing changed,
Except for it all

"Poor little yous and your poor little wars!"
Is all they say right now.
In the Square Universe they were machines,
They live and breathe now.

- October 25th and December 14th 2015, July 09th 2016

The line "poor little man and his poor little war" is something I wrote when falling asleep on March 31st, 2015 and I never did anything with it. I changed it here.

The "square universe" lines were written on January 09th, 2015 in a similar half-asleep state.

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