Wake me up with buzzing flies
Have me smile until the day dies
I have been numb all these years
And I really, really need to laugh.

I missed you so much
I just could not face you
When I was bitter and sad
When I was broken and bad
When I had no other dreams left.

Rock me to sleep in your arms
To the sound of pesky car alarms
I have been awake all these years
And I really, really need to sleep.

I can tell you so much
And I read of all you never told me
Of when you were dead and gone
When you were lost and on your own
When you died again, again and again.

- July 07th and 08th 2016

The usual disclaimer: this is not a poem for a lover, love interest or any "experimental" yearning type of a thing. Got inspired after a late-night conversation with a long-time friend and this happened.

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