Now I Am You!

Everything you used to be is now me
You are no more, you are nothing
And this is how it was meant to ne.

For god's sake,
You are still alive
And you re-claimed a dead body too
You are no different from me.
You are an impostor, like me.

You bought your freedom
And met some more doom
Because, you see,
When you're set free
You still prefer the cage
You can't live without them.

I claimed your name
And suited it to my liking
But you kept it, too.
Nobody knows who is who.
Call me what you want
But now I am you.
Now I am you.

...And I am still you, too.

- June 23rd and July 03rd, 2016

I was reading a scientific book, somebody's PhD dissertation and this happened. It's a mess, too.

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