The Kuiper belt

The Kuiper belt!
Frightening lights in complete darkness
A lot of them on the edge, so edgy
A lot of misguided little missiles
A lot of dangerous little rocks
But I'm not just any object
I am not just a Plutoid
I'm Pluto

I may not be too luminous
But the light just blinds
Who needs that much light?
Aren't we all light?

Screw the atmosphere
There is no atmosphere
I don't do atmosphere
I don't atmosphere
What you see is what it is

I may cross you
I may run before you
I may be yours
I may be my own
I do my best not to collide you someday
You do your best not to collide with me someday
I do my best not to wish to collide someday
I did my best to convince myself there was no someday

I may be facing you
I may not be facing you
You don't have to see my big heart
But it screams out loud
But it screams out proud
And I know that you know

But is it atmosphere
I'm losing atmosphere
I am not atmosphere
Want some atmosphere
What you see is what I am

I like it here in my little corner
I like being degraded
I never liked being degraded

October 7th, 2015

This was written on a whim seven months ago, for no apparent reason. It's pretty bad, for no apparent reason. Today, I feel like finally posting it, for no apparent reason. Punctuation other than question and exclamation marks is missing for no apparent reason. Originally titled "So Edgy".

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