The Neversleeps

The one in black
(In the crowd of white)
Turns the heads
Though they don't want to.
The one in black
(Is, in my mind, right)
Turns the heads
Thought they don't want to.

Great love above great sadness.
Great love!

Great love does not see madness.
Great, love!

Up here, in my corner,
Down there, in her corner,
I can be as black as I want
And feel like I'm a hundred years old,
Which is too much,
Which is not enough!

She can tell you
I love the tide.
She can tell you
That I attack it,
With foolish pride,
And she never shuts up,
And she never-ever sleeps!

All around, in your corner,
I am screaming fluorescent hues
And feel like I'm ten years old,
Which is too far out,
Which is not true!

I can tell her
That you are my guide,
I can tell her
That, over the time,
I too broke the stride,
Yet I never shut up,
Yet I never-ever sleep! think I never sleep?

- April 28th and 30th, 2016

April was a blow to my creativity. That's what happens when you're surrounded by businesspeople who don't understand what kind of motivation you need in order to thrive - an advance and enough time to spend on things that are not their needs. Sadly, I have to go through this in order to eventually be able to write the third part of this book and, perhaps, direct some visuals to go with it. Sadly, I have to go through this to end what is the longest yearning of my life.

And what is a better way to deal with it than another cross-over with the second longest wait of my life, the one I see no ending to?

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