Blind Spot

This is how you think I see you,
So, have it, the way you want it,
The way you claim you don't.

You're a thorn in my eye
Why don't you leave?
You're pretending to have changed
But a mutt will always be just that - a mutt,
A stray waving its empty dish in my face,
A backwards-runner losing the race.

Nobody wants your spine,
So stop breaking it.
Nobody wants your apology,
So stop faking it.

I got rid of everybody
Guess who's next?

You pull these dates
And those numbers
And you think they matter
While they don't.

Nobody wants you
To bleed on the roses
Nobody needs you
To carry the torch
Not certified true
No seal of approval

You're my blind spot
Why don't you leave?

And you didn't read enough books
To write this the way an artist would
It's barbaric, blunt and nonsensical,
Just like your things with jellyfish.

April 07th, 2016

Endocrine issues tend to cause extreme pessimism. But hey, I suffer for my art.

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