Dark, Blue, Fire

Those little summer sacrifices
That turned out to be big
Now, what did I die for?

You've lost your battle
Go, die in fire.
You're not wanted here
Go, die in fire.
Your voice does not matter
Why do you still give?
You will always be stuck,
Why don't you just leave?

If there was somewhere to be,
I would have been.
If there was somewhere to stay,
I would have stayed.
But there is not.
Everything looks grim.
Everything looks bright.
Your world is you
My world is your night.

February 17th, 2016

This week, I've had a lot of instances of seeing the same colours in seemingly unrelated scenarios. So, why not put them together, somewhere, somehow, sometime? Took me about five minutes.

I would like to thank friend of a friend for the sentences they're often repeating when I feel particularly grim about past, present and future.

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