You don't like me
And they don't like me
So what are you to do?
Make leaflets against me?
Campaign against me?
Mock me?

You don't mind here,
But you mind if I'm here.

I am not here,
She's not there,
I am wherever I may be.
She is wherever she ends up.

After all this time,
I belong where I want to.
After all this time,
She can't just not belong.

She don't belong,
I don't belong,
We don't belong,
And we'll never know.

She belongs,
I belong,
We belong,
And we should know.

Send me someplace else to die
Send me somewhere to stay alive
Somewhere with a blue horizon.

February 16th 2016

* I normally never make grammar errors on purpose, but this poem called for it. The rhythm is just better with it.

Know that feeling when everybody wants to get rid of you at some point in life? The subjects of this poem are going through this in two different periods of time, two different situations, each of them impacting a series of mostly unfortunate events that eventually unfolds. And both of the subjects cannot co-exist with others for whatever reason, or maybe they can, in different circumstances. Or maybe they could have. Or maybe they don't know what the actual problem is.

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