Dead Girl

I stopped talking about you
I forgot my life around you
It hurt so much to be without you
And now, again, I'm running to you.

You know
And I know
Rebirth is overrated.

You know
And I know
Pasts are integrated.

We sleep on stories
Wherever we are
We'll never know
What's a shooting star
We grow in back yards
Of those with names
We are lifelines
In precious games.

You know
And I know
Names are confused.

You know
And I know
Misfortune is abused.

Salt on our wounds
When there's none
A life so changed
When we're gone
We live ignored
For we are not here
In a second life
There can't be fear.

What does it feel like
When you die in fire?
What does it feel like
When you end up
In somebody else's life?
Deadly bites.
Shakey ground.
Somebody else's story.

What is it like to begin again
Begin again, never go back?

Sometimes, I too wonder
Am I really me
Or a shadow, something that
Was never supposed to be
Something buried down in the past
Something never meant to last
Something somebody took away
Somebody who could not stay.

But you know
And I know
Rebirth is underrated.

January 17th to February 13th 2016

Whatever you think this is - it's probably not that. This poem is a part of the current untitled series, but it does not have to be, given that it was not written from a much more mature POV. Maybe it can serve as a prologue to the series.

It's most definitely not about a romantic relationship. Romanticised? Yes. Romantic? Hell, no. Relationship? Not really.

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