The Jellyfish Brigader

He's a big deal around here
I never saw him play backgammon
He knows Hungarian romances
And Yugoslavian partisan songs
Szomorú vasárnap konja jahala.
This is the best place on Earth.

He says "jebem ti" and smiles,
I glance at my eggplant slices,
He has no prayer beads in pocket.
He has seen all of this world,
And he still lives right here.
This is the best place on Earth.

He hosts his own communist meetings.
On top of that little citadel hill.
He buys me ice cream, brings me fruit.
He buys them rounds of local wine.
Unforgettable evenings of watching trucks.
This is the best place on Earth.

He takes us on a motorboat ride,
We get close to the foggy mountain,
Smacks of orange jellyfish below,
Bluest of the blue skies above us,
But the mountain seems far away.

The centaur is far away.
I don't know tomorrow.
I don't see tomorrow.
I don't hear tomorrow.
Is there any tomorrow?

Who remembers you when you fade away?
Who remembers you when you evaporate?


Jebem ti literally means [I] fuck [that] to you in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin and it most often uses a noun in the accusative case afterwards. The pronoun use here makes no sense, as this is never directed to the person one is talk to, rather everything in general (with no object) or a particular object - anything from mice to saints (!).
Szomorú vasárnap is the original title of Gloomy Sunday.
Mlada partizanka konja jahala (Young Female Partisan Rode a Horse) is a common WWII partisan song taught to Yugoslavian children up to the generation born in 1982/1983.
I am not saying that the centaur is Chiron...

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