The Zingy Zander

This was posted from the bathtub (!) yesterday by accident, but I'm reposting it today, even though a couple of elements in it are not finished and I was waiting for my beta reader to help me out. It was not meant to be removed. There are errors, missing punctuation et cetera.

Originally published on Jan 24, 2016 @ 08:49 Central European Standard Time

The Zingy Zander

"Shine some light, zingy zander,
Shine some light, chase away the night.
Nail some spark, zingy zander,
Nail some spark and it'll be alright."

Let's go boating.
I'll be everywhere, all the time
But you're not going to see me much
Yet you'll be staring at me.

Peon creates a peon.
I'm a peon.

Let's go swimming.
I'll brush against you at some point
You will think I wanted to hurt you
You'll think you have to chase me.

A slave creates a slave.
I'm a slave.

Let's go fishing.
I'll hunt fish from the darkest depths.
But you're never going to see me,
Yet you'll be hunting for me.

Monster creates a monster,
I'm a monster.

Let's go diving.
I'll have oxygen from all sides,
All the way to oversaturation.
You'll be using a snorkel.

Robot creates a robot,
I'm a robot.

Let's go drowning.
You'll be drowning loud, like in movies.
I will be drowning quietly.
You'll refuse to continue for me.

Wrong creates Wrong,
I'm wrong.

I'm wrong.
I'm wrong.
I'm horribly wrong.


Let's stop this tsunami.
I am back from the mermaid world.
I thought you had gone away.
Are you saying you're still with me?

I am.
I know!

"You're a still water fish, zingy zander,
A still water fish that survived the fight.
Follow the salty scent, zingy zander,
Follow the scent and it'll be alright."

November 6th 2013, January 19th 2014 and January 24th 2016

Development of Zingy Zander

KFC totally needs to switch to fish and buy this name off me. Who needs Zinger when you can have Zingy Zander?

This poem started off in a way that makes no sense, whatsoever. A couple of months before my strong insulin resistance was finally discovered, I watched a bizarre fishing show on Discovery Science. A man went for alleged gigantic mutant catfish and all he found, days later, were zanders. Sure, zander meat is yummy - ask me how I feel about a meal called Smuđ Orli, but eating zanders from the most lethal pond in the world, or any place mistaken for that pond and/or assumed to be close to that pond, is a death sentence. Everything in there is toxic, the zander that willingly or unwillingly bit has got to be so lethal that even pointing at it would mean risking your life.

But the Zingy Zander can survive anything and everything... becoming tougher to a random observer, yet realising it's a monster, created by another monster - who may be the alleged catfish, the fisherman, both or none.

I didn't like this poem.

It was sort of, plus it looked too much like a late addition to Wrong Star. At that point, everything I wrote was extremely unpleasant and eventually, I stopped publishing my poems on here or showing them to anybody. It's not like they were finished, for that matter. They were bits and pieces and this is actually the first time I patched bits and pieces of things written at different times, hence three different dates. Somehow, it allowed for four different POVs in the poem - one at its very beginning, one at its very end and the ones switching.

It was only when it was almost done that I realised that I sent the zander to the sea or the ocean, hence adding another verse and the fourth POV. And the fourth POV led me to realisation to whose POV opened the poem.

And now that I have seen mean, whatever it may be, I don't think this is mean. When books are closed or just flicked through, when the pages owned cannot form a clearer pictur3, one inevitably makes assumptions and can be right or wrong. When books are open and one is harsh, then one is mean. Evil. Rude. Destructive. Take that as you will.

The mermaid world may matter, may not matter at all. It may be the cause for the wordy character's detachment that led to the zander's own detachment, but it does not have to be.

The character giving orders may have led the zander to some bizarre kind of folie a deux - as zander itself more or less remarks, or they may have not.

The zander may be deprived of basic things - whether it's emotionally towards the other character, materially in comparison to the other character -, inexperienced in general, or maybe both, but it definitely does not understand the sea and it may or may not be that its lethal toxicity helps it survive.

The other character may have singled out the zander at the very ending, or they may have not.

The last thing zander says may be a response to a specific sentence, or not.

Many thanks to Maria Gloria and Joe for the contrasts that inspire the part about zander ending up in what appears to be the sea or ocean and many thanks to Bry for the conversation that ultimately led me to finishing this.

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