It's raining!
A broken swallowtail is
Hiding in the tamed mulberry tree.
Whatever you are
Is not necessarily what you should be.

It's evening!
A healthy moth is
Casting a shadow on the wall.
Whatever you are
Is not how far you're going to fall.

You can't sing in the corridors
You can't kill all the flies
You can't make car alarms go silent
You can't understand what they say.

You can cook as you please
You can sit wherever you want.
You can find a few common words
You can always take some other way.

- November 28th and December 22nd, 2015

I'm a bit annoyed with the structure of this one, because I recently read a pretty bad thing with a similar structure and it made me laugh. However, I'm still going with mine, for more than one reason: for one, this is not a random coded message of hate, it's a slice-of-life thing.

Wingedless is obviously not a word. The Serbian version will probably be called Sabezkrila and that is not a word, either.

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