The girl with flowers
Stares at me from the wall
And I am barely awake.

The girl with flowers
Has a story she won't tell
But what's at stake?

Somewhere, in another world, I am a picture on the wall and she is looking at me from the single bed in the corner. She too finds it quite funny that there are so many flies around and that you cannot sleep at night because it's too warm. She is not fond of the car alarms constantly blasting, either. Maybe she is alone, too.

I was a friend
To the girl on the wall
I was an enemy
To the girl on the wall
I was a nothing
To the girl on the wall
I was a something
To the girl on the wall

Right below, there is a landscape on the wall. It does not look like anything I see outside. It feels more like back at home. Perhaps the girl came from up north, too? Or perhaps she didn't, and I'm just a lonely child, who likes to make up stories and sneaks in everywhere just to see what kind of pictures are on the wall.

One day,
Maybe next year.
Maybe in ten years,
Maybe in more than twenty
I'll come back to tell her my story. year, right?

November 30th, December 1st 2015

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