Sitting on the patio
Playing the Mouse Game
They take away our plank

Ask me about this
In twenty-five years' time
I won't draw a blank

Mi-mi baby slaps me
Upside my face
And wheelchair girl
Calls someone along
Girls want lambada
Boys want sexy-boom
I cannot Ne-sca-fe
But I can play along

Twins with bellies
A dusty roundabout
Pretty little dawn

Basketball games
Big, shiny kitchen
Never seen a prawn

Games in the street
Alarms in the night
Lots of hand clapping
I feel like I belong
Magic tricks to go
Time to hit the fair
Once for a change
This is my song

Sitting on the patio
The cat is doing stunts
She'll see the world somehow.

- November 13th, 15th & 23rd, 2015

This poem does not have a native language version because it's about things that happened long ago, in a couple of versions of bad English. It is not supposed to look like an adult with near-native English skills wrote it.

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