Na raskršću / On The Crossroads

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Nikola, my dad's long-term friend and now my and mother's friend once freaked out when I told him that nonsense sentences come to my mind when I fall asleep and that I wish I could write them. When I told him some of those, he said: "Please, don't tell this to anyone, people will be scared of you."

And I didn't. It's been seven years and people are scared of me, either way. I'm loud, I talk a lot, I offer help to everyone, all the time and I'm of a bigger body frame despite not being tall. VERY.SCARY. Not to mention being hyperactive.

However, last night, tossing and turning, I came up with lines that actually sounded interesting, so I grabbed my phone and typed that out. Later on, I added two more verses, to resemble the first two.

I have no idea who this "he" person is, why chocolate and what kind of place has both the seaside, which I did imagine, and snowfalls. But seaside, snowfalls and snowcookies sounds as if I wrote something related to what's, sadly, been going on since March 2011 and sometimes seems worse than when the Wrong Star struck here in Europe.

Na raskršću

Želeo je da ovekoveči svoje stanje,
buduća čokolada,
A na tako jakom suncu
i poslednji dah u vodu pada.

Ni sam ne zna koliko je tamo stajao.
Ni sam ne zna zašto je i sad tu.

Želeo je da ukoriči svoje bitke,
prošli čokoladni listići,
A na tako snažnoj mećavi
i pahulja na komad stakla liči.

Ni sam ne zna koliko će tamo stajati.
Ni sam ne zna zašto je i sad tu.


At The Crossroads

He wanted to immortalise his condition,
Future chocolate.
And in sun so intense
Even the last breath falls in the water.

Not even he knows how long he stood there.
Not even he knows why he's still there.

He wanted to put his battles between the covers,
Past chocolate leaves,
And in a blizzard so heavy
Even a snowflake resembles a piece of glass.

Not even he knows how long he will stand there.
Not even he knows why he's still there.

2 Reactions to Na raskršću / On The Crossroads

  1. Lelei says...

    I had no idea you were a loud person, I imagine you being quite shy and quiet 🙂 And I am not scared of you! I like the way you speak your mind and your poems are always brilliant. Maybe it takes one to get one? And yes, it could be something to do with the Wrong Star, I wish I was a dream therapist to help you interpret these thoughts...

    • Iva says...

      Shy and loud is very possible...and nope, this is totally not Wrong Star, this is so March 2011 and beyond.


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