Ljubav je nenormalna / Love Is Abnormal

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

One would say that June's been my month of writer's block, but solely when it comes to poetry. I've been pretty active on my native language blog and I've been writing satire, prose and reviews...but a poet without poetry is not who he or she should be, so I was relieved when

Some weeks ago, I met a girl I knew online in RL. She was all smitten with a guy who used to be kind of a new friend to me, but ever since they met and ever since my sort-of-a-friendship with someone else started breaking apart, he's been a major, unfair swine. But she was smitten, yet she was trying to hide that wonderful feeling of vulnerability behind some Samantha-style gibberish that was way, way out there. I memorised something she said and then I thought about combining what she said with some politicians' phrases and exact opposites of things small children would say.

Needless to say I like the result? And the only thing I agree with in the whole poem is that love has a scent to it. Everything else? If I agreed with it, I would betray everything I believe in...so, no way, José!

Ljubav je nenormalna

To danas ne postoji.
To je samo propratna pojava.
To je samo kolateralna šteta.
To je samo ono o čemu su pričali u školi,
kako bi odrastanje delovalo strašnije.

To je ono što nema oči.
To je ono što ima miris.
To je zastarelo, o tome pričaju babe,
jer sve je ustvari mnogo lako.

Samo pitaš, je l' tako?
Samo pitaš, je l' tako?
Čik pitaj. Čik.

Love is Abnormal

That does not exist.
That's just a side effect.
That's just collateral damage.
That's just what they talked about at school,
So growing up would seem a lot scarier.

That's the one with no eyes.
That's the one with a scent to it.
That's obsolete, old ladies talk about it,
Because it's all actually very easy.

You only have to ask, right?
You only have to ask, right?
I dare you to ask. I dare you.

One Reaction to Ljubav je nenormalna / Love Is Abnormal

  1. zelenicapreslica says...

    ...uvek me nasmeješ svojim pristupm temi, Iva.Iskrano i tačno, tako.
    "Samo pitaš, je l' tako?
    Samo pitaš, je l' tako?
    Čik pitaj. Čik."
    ...ulepšala si mi jutro, ponovo, svojim blogom. Originalno.


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