My Amy Winehouse video was disabled on YouTube for strange reasons.

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

My video of Amy Winehouse performing Just Friends in Belgrade was disabled by YouTube for rather dubious reasons, after having reached nearly 850 000 views. Was it because of three completely harmless links, one to my Serbian blog entry, one to the translation and one to the camera people were asking about on Amazon.

This video didn't bring me anything I could possibly wish for at this moment; so, friends, please help me get it! I did not make any money out of it, it was released as public domain and other than hype, I do not have any gain from this.

My photographs were picked by the editors of MONDO, one of the largest Serbian news portals and they appeared next to those taken by Brian Rasic, the man who famously photographed the Rolling Stones. Trojka, an independent news portal created by Internet enthusiasts also picked some of them.

I was contacted by three different divisions of ABC and my video was featured on Good Morning, America and live stream of Seven online. My name was and still is on BBC and my comments from this blog were quoted on Seven Online.

Later during the afternoon, AP headquarters in London expressed the desire to distribute my video to news outlets. They were indeed serious and they sent a local representative to come to my home and have me sign an agreement. A German news agency contacted me, too; as they're intending to make a little documentary.

At the end of the day, I was asked for an interview by one of Serbia's leading daily newspapers, Alo! They found the hype around the video and the overnight traffic madness on both of my blogs interesting and they thought it would be fun to cover.

Mashable. B92. Prva TV. Daily Telegraph. Gawker. Splash News (this last one actually ripped me off, but that's a different matter).

The list goes on. My video was all over the world, in all possible media. Such recognision means A LOT to a self-employed web designer and aspiring photographer/video maker. And where did it all start? Of course, on YouTube.

I am not a social media scammer, I am allergic to them. I am not a "vulture", like a local hipster described me. I was very respectful in my concert review and I never used the words such as "drunk" or "drugged" in relation to Amy Winehouse, having clearly expressed my view that this is not laughing matter

Am I going to make money from this? I doubt that. There's no affiliate program in my country and I ignored all possible spammers who wrote to me.

As a matter of a fact, I currently have 13€ in my pocket, until the next monthly retainer and the next payment for my freelance design. That's pretty poor for a social media scammer, don't you think? One more reason to bring it back.

The Amazon camera link? Was that the supposed social media scam? No. It was there solely because every other person was asking me about the camera and I obviously had a lot going on and I did not want to respond to any more questions. Ironically, I also thought I would be disabled if I would keep on responding to the same question with the same comment all over again.

Not to mention that Panasonic clearly didn't mind this either - they responded to me when I wrote them about what my camera has done and asked to have the video included in their online gallery, so people could see the true power of TZ7/ZS3. I was not promised any merchandise or anything, so once again, I had no specific intentions other than being happy with what I have done.

This does not apply to numerous people who ripped my video and re-uploaded it in .flv format, solely to have ads placed on it and actually earn money. Why are they allowed to do that and I'm not allowed to, even though I recorded it with my own two hands, having stood there until my hands were going numb?

This apparently does not apply to numerous people who were posting links to "who's stalking your Facebook profile" and other scammy content in comments, neither to those who were trying to post ridiculous video responses. Why are they not spammers and I am?

I have the support of the online community in my country and a lot people who have watched my video. I surely hope that this was an error and that people will continue to watch what I recorded, as it's clearly a part of music history, something that people will be remembering for much longer than our lifetimes.

Moreover, I hope that all the copycats will be disabled.

My account, in addition to all of this, makes people happy. I have filmed concerts many couldn't afford to attend, I have put up videos of funny animals and video blogs. I'm most certainly harmless. I doubt you're familiar with having lived in a blocked country for pretty much all the childhood, adolescence and early adult age and willing to give people something you couldn't experience yourself. Wasn't your company initially started by two young men with big hopes?

Please, be fair to me. Kindest regards from Iva Tanacković over here in Beograd, Serbia.

10 Reactions to My Amy Winehouse video was disabled on YouTube for strange reasons.

  1. chukaman says...

    Sucks about the video. Somewhere I thought I saw you mention that you would host it yourself in the mean time. Did that happen? I'd really love to see it in all its glory, not the horrible tiny version I saw at some UK tabloid website.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Iva says...

      I tried to host it in the meantime, and it killed my bandwidth (I have a lot of it, but apparently nothing is enough for that video!), so I moved it to Vimeo. I updated the previous post to reflect that.

  2. Katarina says...

    Iva,molim te,javi mi se na moj mail. Ja sam novinar jednog video servisa,volela bih da uzmem od tebe izjavu, jer nisam primetila da se neki od ovdasnjih media oglasio povodom citave situacije.
    Javi se kako bih te uvela u detalje.
    Hvala unapred

    • Iva says...

      Javila sam vam se, dvaput, ostavila sam dve kontakt adrese i broj mobilnog telefona, možda vam sve to odlazi u spam. I te kako sam zainteresovana.

      Inače, imam blog na srpskom, na subdomenu: Gunđam po kućama!

  3. Katarina says...

    Iva,za tvoju pricu zainteresovana je i koleginica americkog SETimes-a,pa bi nam znacilo da nas kontaktiras sto pre.

  4. Eliz says...

    perhaps vimeo would be a better alternative 🙂

    • Iva says...

      Eliz, it's already on Vimeo, I have updated the previous post with a new link.

  5. Robert says...


    I just watch the amy video's ,i hope for her that she will soon be back fully recovered on stage.But now i have a question witch camera did you used because i searching for a camera for concerts en yours are spectaculair sharp

  6. Daffyd says...

    Your videos were amazing quality, sorry they got taken down from youtube, but vimeo is better for professional videos anyway. Good luck for your future career

  7. Jane says...

    I saw this in my youtube feed when you first published it and then later on the tv here in Portugal. Congrats for all the coverage! It really did go global there for you. The quality of the video is perfect and I think that is also a factor on it being shown everywhere.
    Congratulations again Iva...and good luck with battling (if you even are) with them.
    J xx


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