Šta će biti dalje / What Happens Next

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This is a little story on:

- Things you might not have anymore and you're not sure how much time you have...you've seen something else slip away from you and yesterday your worst nightmare occurred to someone else.

- Things that might never be yours, but if that's of any concern at some point in time, something else will be yours. It will be good, but not now.

- Things that might never happen again, but nobody said that they would never happen again, and if they happen any other way, they're awful by default because you said so.

....and everything else that might come to one's mind when they wake up at 2.30 in the morning.

The loudness of the end line indicates physical distance. The last one was shortened as it would've been awfully hysterical if it wasn't.

One of these things...I never said it. But it's such a stupid idea and such a stupid, random thing to say to someone that it's been ringing in my head for a whole month now and I had to use it. I give one person credits for that. Whatever.

Šta će biti dalje

Nije da me ne zanima šta će biti dalje.
Neću da čujem samo svoje sopstvene korake,
samo da bih bila sigurna da ovde nema više nikoga.
Ako se ispostavi da sam tu samo ja,
dobro-de, bila sam klica dva divna drveta.
Ako se ispostavi da mi neko odgovara,
dobro-de. Imamo još par godina. Je l' da?
Je l' da?

Nije da me ne zanima šta će biti dalje.
Hoću da uzmem štap i gurkam prosjake koji spavaju na ulici,
samo da bih bila sigurna da su još živi.
Ako se ispostavi da su mrtvi,
dobro-de, i dalje mogu da ih gledam, što da ne?
Ako se ispostavi da im je preostalo još nešto života,
dobro-de, imam sve vreme ovoga sveta. Je l' da?

Nije da me ne zanima šta će biti dalje.
Hoću da sladoled procveta iz plastične slušalice,
samo da bih videla da li je začinjen.
Ako se ispostavi da je bljutav,
dobro-de, mogu da stavim štipaljku na nos.
Ako se ispostavi da tu i dalje nešto krcka,
dobro, de, ima tu još koja decenija. Je l' da?


What Happens Next

It's not like I care what happens next.
I don't want to hear just my own footsteps,
Just to know there's no one else here anymore.
If it turns out there's no one but me,
Well, OK, I was a sprout of two great trees.
If it turns out someone's responding to me,
Well, OK, There are still a couple of years. Right?

It's not like I care what happens next.
I want to poke bums sleeping on the street with a stick.
Just to see if they're alive.
If it turns out they're dead,
Well, OK. I can still look at them, why not?
If it turns out there's some life left to them,
Well, OK, I have all the time in the world. Right?

It's not like I care what happens next.
I want the ice cream to blossom from the plastic handset.
Just to see if it's spiced up.
If it turns out it's plain,
Well, OK. I can put a peg on my nose.
If it turns out there's some crunch left to it,
Well, OK. There's still some decades left. Right?

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