Svemirsko mače! / A Space Kitty!

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This is what happens when one of the things that inspired me to come up with the concept of Wrong Star is suddenly super-popular again, just because of...another similar event currently going on. I feel like hipster kitty. Seriously, I was into all of this before March 2011 and I can prove that. I swear by my hooded sweatshirt and the hipster glasses I'll add in Photoshop.

Just like in Kraj duge / The End Of The Rainbow, this piece of poetry will make you think about something that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what it really is about. But perhaps people with a lifestyle that is a polar opposite of mine could see something in it, who knows?

Svemirsko mače!

Maca, maca, tamo gore sa svemirskim robotima...
Svemirsko mače!
Video je potoke jarkih boja...
To malo luče!

Uvek ivicom provalije hodi,
ukoliko bi hteo, mog'o bi sve da ih vodi.

Pronalazi gadne stvari i izjede ih...
Svemirsko mače!
Sad su mu u krvotoku, može li ikad bez njih...
To malo luče!

On je gore, sa svemirskim robotima, u oblaku dima,
zna svako ćoše, svaku ciglu i svaki komad lima.


A Space Kitty!

Kitty, kitty, up there with space robots...
A space kitty!
Seen the flashes of bright lights?
Oh, so pretty!

Always walking along the edge of the hole,
If he'd want he could guide them all.

Spots nasty things and eats them up...
A space kitty!
They're now in his bloodstream, could he ever stop?
Oh, so pretty!

He's up there with space robots in smoke,
He knows every nook of every thing that broke.

One Reaction to Svemirsko mače! / A Space Kitty!

  1. Šovlja says...

    Odgovoriću na srpskom, ipak.
    Koliko god da obožavam engleski, kada je poezija u pitanju - smatram da smo mnogo bogatiji.

    A o čemu čitalac razmišlja tj. da li se to poklapa sa tvojim doživljavanjem reči koje si sama stvarala - nije važno.
    Svako od nas ima svoj svemir i dokle god se u njemu pronalazi - dobro je. To su čari poezije. 🙂


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