Crna tačka, crna zastava! / Black Spot, Black Flag!

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Last night I had an interesting dream. There was Senna, there was Prost and there was a really, really odd Grand Prix going on. No viewers, just a couple of odd, odd stewards. I thought that I should make it into a piece of poetry, quick.

Looking at the calendar of F1 grand prixs of the past, it actually turned out to be fitting. How?

Well, Once upon a time, Ayrton Senna was practicing for the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, which he later won. Little did he know that he would die at the same place, years later. On the same day, the other side of Europe was concerned with different things.

Of course, in this story, the cars aren't really Formula One cars and the drivers are not really Prost and Senna. Neither A nor B would be legally allowed to drive racing cars. B can't drive anything more complicated than a bicycle, A is a clumsy novice driver. Therefore, they can race only at one specific place. There are black spots. There are black flags. It's black, black, black.

What is a black spot? It's my lifelong phobia. Here's how they look like in Australia. Serbian ones are faaar creepier.

A black spot can also be found as a graphic element of other warning signs, mind you.

Crna tačka, crna zastava!

Vijaću te okolo
u zarđalom autu iz luna-parka
Nećeš daleko stići,
nećeš daleko stići.

Mostovi su srušeni,
život se spotakao,
ne i za tebe,
ne i za tebe.

Ovaj auto iz luna-parka nije dogurao dalje od probne vožnje,
njegova struja bi dolazila sa pogrešne zvezde,
pa šta? Pa glupo, frazeološko šta?

Ovo trkaće srce nije doguralo dalje od probne vožnje,
njegov nemir je možda došao sa pogrešne zvezde,
da li je to loše? Da li je to notorno, neizbežno loše?

Loše zvezde voze zarđale automobile,
pretičući se na mapama jučerašnjice,
sadeći seme bolje-da-ne.

Ma kakva Monca,
ma kakav Monako,
ovo je staza nad stazama,
ovo je staza nad stazama.
Jeste, Hokenhajm ima zimzelenu šumu,
ali ovaj je BOLJA, veruj mi, BOLJA.

Crna tačka na svakom uglu,
crna zastava svima, bez izuzetaka,
a tek kako se vozi po kiši!
Crno, crno, crno, crno.
Velika nagrada Evrope?
Najveća nagrada Evrope, ikad.
Nikad nećemo znati ko je pobedio.

Black Spot, Black Flag!

I'll race you around
In a rusty bumper car,
You won't get far,
You won't get far.

Bridges have collapsed,
Life has relapsed,
But not for you,
Not for you.

This bumper car never had anything more than a test ride,
Its elecritity would've been coming from the wrong star,
So what? So stupid phraseologic what?

This racing heart never had anything more than a test ride,
Its restlessness might've been caused by the wrong star,
Is that bad? Is that notoriously inevitably bad?

Bad stars riding rusty cars,
Overtaking on the maps of yesterday,
Seeding the seeds of better-not-be.

Better than Monza,
Netter than Monaco,
This is the top track,
Yes, Hockenheim has an evergreen forest, too,
But this one's BETTER, trust me, it's BETTER.

Black spot on every single turn,
Black flag to everyone, no exceptions,
And it's quite a drive in the rain!
Black, black, black, black.
European Grand Prix?
The biggest European Grand Prix, ever.
We'll never know who's won.

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