Svi smo TO / We’re All IT

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Having studied the subject that inspired the non-made up part of Wrong Star, I have spent countless hours watching documentary films, reading books, and visiting various websites, some of which were known to be hoax, some of which were true. I came to a conclusion that we're all IT (and I'm not talking about my initials here). So, here's a bit of Wrong Star that doesn't feature A and B and their adventure...a bit of universal Wrong Star, the way it reflects on everyday life.

Svi smo TO

Ostavila sam čajnik u paklu,
sram da me bude, sram da me bude!
Voda je proključala u mom odsustvu.
Svi su popili nešto neobično gorko.
Ja sam je samo gledala kako se dimi.
I onda smo ga spakovali.
Mračnije je kad se sakriješ,
još mračnije kad se pokriješ.
U mraku, ispod kapaka,
sija samo crveni krug poslednjeg svetla.

Ostavila sam čajnik u paklu,
kako sam samo bila neodgovorna!
Sad ne mogu da ostružem prljavštinu.
Svi su popili nešto zapaljeno i vrelo.
Ja sam se samo stresla, negde pozadi.
I onda smo otišli.
Mračnije je kad zažmuriš,
još mračnije kad si živ zakopan.
U mraku, ispod zemlje,
sija samo korenak najbliže klice.

Svi smo TO,
svi nosimo olovne oklope.

Svi smo TAMO,
svi bismo da nas slojem zemlje poklope.

Svi smo TAKVI,
svi bismo da u nas zabodu neki znak
za koji reči nisu ni potrebne.

Svi smo TAD,
svi bismo da budemo najveći ikad,
bez i upola dostojne zamene.


We're All IT

I left the kettle in hell,
Shame on me, shame on me!
The water boiled while I was away.
Everyone had an unusally bitter drink.
I was just watching it smoke.
And then we packed it all up.
It's darker when you hide,
Even darker when you cover yourself.
In the dark, underneath the shutters,
The only thing that shines is the red circle of the last light.

I left the kettle in hell,
How irresponsible of me!
Now I can't brush off the dirt.
Everyone had something hot and in flames.
I just shivered, somewhere in the back.
And then we left.
It's darker when you close your eyes,
Even darker when you're buried alive.
In the dark, underneath the soil,
The only thing that shines is the root of the nearest sprout.

We're all IT,
We all wear lead armours.

We're all THERE,
We all want to be covered up with soil.

We're all LIKE THAT,
We all want someone to stick a sign on us,
The one that needs no words.

We're all THEN,
We all want to be the greatest ever,
Without an at least half-decent runner-up.

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