Nečije nešto / Someone’s Something

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I don't understand Valentine's Day. While it's nice to see sweets on sale when both that one and the Women's Day on 08th March have passed us by and while it surely is nice to see a lot of pink things everywhere (pink is second next to green in terms of awesomeness and I cannot lie); that's about it. The rest is too commercial, often too naughty and it's a bit overwhelming to hear about it.

I never had love of the romantic kind returned. In my adult life liked a number of people small enough to fit onto some bird's claws, and it's all been pretty much wrong. At some point, I just made peace with it - some people were not meant to find their match, so be it. It's not that I tried hard - I didn't. Plus, it's super-easy to convince me that I was just seeing things and that everything was a product of my vivid imagination. Not to mention the Pisces trademark run away tactics...yeah. a person who finds love to be something for other people, I wrote a very inspired one about it. It took me a while to write it, but I had the whole of last week...sick leave due to a stomach virus.

Nečije nešto

Nečije nešto
Ili nečije -
Ili --ino nešto
Bilo kako.

Someone's Something

Someone's something
Or someone's -
Or -'s something
Either way.

2 Reactions to Nečije nešto / Someone’s Something

  1. A. says...

    Never imagined I'd find someone sharing this inner truth that love is something for other people. glad I found u! 🙂

    • Iva says...

      Not 100% sure what you're saying, but if I made you feel something, I'm proud of it.

      I basically wanted to point out that some people find love in such an easy manner, while the others struggle a lot.


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