Gde ćeš spavati noćas? / Where are you going to sleep tonight?

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

While I'm finishing the obligatory New year 2011 post and trying to complete the rest of the series, a new idea pops up and places itself somewhere around the beginning of the series. This takes place on a winter night and B is probably not even complaining about this Rammstein-esque scenario, as he's been dragged from a totally different climate, to the cold cyclon of Nowhereland, known for rough winters.

Gde ćeš spavati noćas?

Gde ćeš spavati noćas?
Nebo izgleda kao štras,
zaleđene grančice su tako krute,
zadremaću ispod svojih pošećerenih bagremova,
jedino mesto gde ne plaćam cenu svojih snova,
I još jednom, moje misli će da odjezde,
do sveta ispod pogrešne zvezde.

U ovim hladnim noćima, jurim te na konjima od meda,
spasavam te od gladnih vukova,
penom pokrivenih njuški iz ćorsokaka mašte.
Grejem te u straćarama kod bakica,
i trudim se da ne jedeš ih njihovih bašte.

Gde ću spavati noćas?
Nebo uvek miriše na strah,
ledenice su kristalno blistave.
Zadremaćeš u svom prženom dnevniku,
svaka stranica krije druge vile sliku,
I još jednom, misli neće nigde posebno da ti se gnezde,
jer spavaš ispod sopstvene pogrešne zvezde.


Where are you going to sleep tonight?

Where are you going to sleep tonight?
The sky is so bright,
The frosty branches are so tight,
I will nap under my own sugar-frosted tree,
The only place where I can dream for free,
And once again, I'll travel so far,
To the world underneath a wrong star.

In these cold nights, I chase you on honey horses,
I'm saving you from the hungry wolves,
Foams in their mouths.
I'm warming you up in old ladies' slums,
But you eat their sprouts.

Where am I going to sleep tonight?
The sky always smells of fear
Icicles are crystal clear,
You will nap in your own deep-fried diary,
Every page holds a different fairy,
And once again, you won't make it that far,
Sleeping under your own wrong star.

4 Reactions to Gde ćeš spavati noćas? / Where are you going to sleep tonight?

  1. Radmila says...

    Mnogo mi se dopada. <3 Verzija na engleskom mi bolje zvuči za nijansu.

  2. Massa P says...

    Is that original poetry written by you? If so... lovely.

    Anyway, just visiting the people listed on my Gravatar Commenters Wall and saying hello! Belated Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. Massa P says...

    Wow. Hmm... then I definitely need to be frequenting this site more often...


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