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! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

So, I worked on this website. I went on and linked everyone I know who had a blog written in a language other than my native language. There are a couple that I can barely read, but it doesn't really matter. I also hid all the pages but those about Miki and me, as they need a lot of work.

But what is the most important thing? The theme. A 71-year-old family friend complains that I change the site looks a lot and I tried to explain to him that I am never happy with out-of-the-box WordPress themes. That motivated me to finally sit down and make my first WordPress theme.

All right, I lied a bit. The actual story is that this theme was not planned to be put to personal use - it was for a corporate blog, but my boss wasn't really happy with it, so I brought it here in order to show him a working example on an already-populated website. Also, when someone's not happy with what I am doing, unless it's the world's number one "Humourist" who prefers things not to be done at all (which is a whole new bedtime story), I tend to outdo things.

The theme was supposed to be named after the family friend, but I just cannot picture that man in something that's orange and purposedly displaced. So, I named it Funkyblog for now and I shall name another theme after the friend. Something...something more serious. Everyone will think I named it after dragons, anyway.

Funkyblog is currently in private alpha. It's a premium theme by all means, as it features premade custom widgets and an options panel. It will likely feature localisation too, as some people, such as Sandra expressed interest, which automatically makes 'em suitable beta testers. At this point, I'm yet to fix the navigation menu, add true custom menu support, give the users ability to change

The theme was not based on anything, though I think that I had a vision of Kubrick and TwentyTen making love to each other in Nowhereland, therefore getting a really unique offspring. Some of the widgets were modified from existing GPL licenced themes' widgets and I followed three different tutorials for the options panel. The obligatory kudos will follow once the theme is released.

Funky Blog utilises the ever-so-popular 960 Grid System and its features, at the point of writing this are:

  • An unique look, heavily utilising CSS level 3 features.
  • No images and font convertion necessary - looks fine with Arial Black made to look fun!
  • Custom header images, soon backgrounds, too.
  • Built-in support for FBML/JavaScript SDK, to avoid iframes
  • Six widgetised areas - one primary sidebar, two secondary sidebars, three footer columns.
  • An options panel featuring insertion of social profiles, analytics code, verification meta tags and what most themes appear to be missing: meta description and keywords for oldsk00l SEO.
  • Post thumbnails support.
  • Deregistration of wp-pagenavi styles and replacing them with its own. This also removes the ugly inline styles.
  • Custom default gravatar and login screen image.
  • Flickr, about me and sideblog/featured content widgets.
  • Curly quotes removed for those who post a lot of code
  • Image attachment and page full-width templates.


  • More post formatting styles, perhaps a shortcode or two.
  • Custom background support.
  • Custom menu support.
  • Either child themes or options to change the colour scheme.
  • Feedburner email subscription widget.
  • Facebook fan page widget.
  • Tidying-up templates for search, categories, tags and date-based archives.
  • Tidying-up share links.
  • Better navigation on the image attachment template. It's horrible.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Comment policy option
  • ...
  • Once all above is done, iron out the extra code and the dreaded PHP warnings.

This is a theme that suits my needs, covers everything from aesthetics to socialisation needs and I am not sure if it's good enough to be sold somewhere, but it sure is good enough to grace my blog and stick for a longer period of time. Look out for upcoming updates if you're interested. 😉

2 Reactions to Funkyblog WordPress theme – alpha

  1. Smješko iz lijevog donjeg ćoška says...

    Ova tema ja pravo vesela! 🙂

  2. Megan says...

    I really like this theme 🙂


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