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July 2008. Dad and I sat in the car on a rain day near the end of a month full of surprises - visiting our friends in Slovenia, a day trip to Trieste (my first to Italy in 20 years), my first and to date only visit to the EXIT festival when Gogol Bordello and Juliette And The Licks played...and hours after an unexpected Lenny Kravitz front row and Lenny posing for me for half a minute (while I kept on hoping he'll move on to someone who's honestly crazy about him, would've been ashamed to steal someone else's dream). We were set to go to the forest spring and get spring water. This little flower was stuck on the windshield and I took a photo, planning to take more, as we're driving through the city. However, after one corner, dad wiped it off, though it wasn't in this view. I asked him why and he thought I was paying too much attentio to little things.

Transience - photo

I miss my dad. Even if he wiped the flower. To me, this flower is pure transience, symbolising a moment of colour and inspiration in a grey string of time and reality.

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  1. Rebecca says...

    This is beautiful x


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