Ispleti-sopstvenog-boga set / Knit Your Own God Kit

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This one was started on 22nd September, but it got its final shape in a short, yet smart convo I had on Twitter with a fellow young intellectual who appears not to embrace the patterns I wouldn't embrace either.

Some of these lines sounds a lot like buffalaxed videos, one was even "stolen" from Buffalax's take on Moskau. The others, however, are my own creation.

This is not anti-religious, this is only against people who pick a little here, pick a little there as they fear being atheist or agnostic and know/think their sins and "sins" won't be redeemed in any classic, known religion.

Also, I don't hate such people. I am just bitter because they steal a promising sane soul or two every now and then. Sometimes they take back those you cared about and take them away to their dark chambers.

Tomorrow? Not sure what, but it will definitely concern some lighthouses.

Ispleti-sopstvenog-boga set

Ispleti sopstvenog boga, baš ovde i baš sad,
koristeći ekskluzivni ispleti-boga set!
Imaćeš više razumevanja,
nećeš više gledati postrance.
Zar mi je veruješ, glupa kravice?

Zmajite mi znak,
Mein gott is so fine,
My god is sehr gut,
kljucnite mi krak.

Ispleti sopstvenog boga, sedam pedeset sedam,
Trenutno iskupljenje? Pitajte me kako!
Imaćeš više ljubavi i moći,
ispleti jednog za svakog novog ljubavnika,
nebeska plejlista je dostupna, od ovog trenutka.

Dimite mi zalogaje,
Mio dio je mnogo dobar,
Moj bog è molto bene.
Patkite roletne!

Tražiš li konstantno
Tražiš li apsolutnu dominaciju?
Hoćeš li da zvoniš paprikaš u kolicima?
Hoćeš li svemirske palačinke povrh svega?
E pa, ispleti sopstvenog boga.


Knit Your Own God Kit

Knit your own god, right here right now,
With an exclusive knit-a-god kit!
You'll have more udnerstanding,
You won't be looking to the side.
Don't you believe me, stupid cow?

Kite me a sign,
Mein gott is so fine,
My god is sehr gut,
Peck that line.

Knit your own god, seven fifty seven,
An instant redemption? Ask me how!
You'll have more love and power,
Knit one to match every new lover,
Heaven playset available, as of now.

Fume me bites,
Mio dio je mnogo dobar,
Moj bog è molto bene.
Duck the blinds!

Looking for constant reassurance?
Looking for absolute dominance?
Looking to bell the stew in cart?
Looking to space pancakes on top of that?
Well, knit your own god!

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