Devojka robopečurka / Mushroomrobot Girl

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This was written on the place even the kings walk to. That's about how much time I had for anything else other than fixing own mistakes and getting real work done. I hope it doesn't ruin anyone's impression of it. It partly comes from a place mouldier than old toilets, anyway.

Devojka robopečurka

Hoću da odvedem moju dušicu u pakao,
da ga ljuljam u kolevci mojih predaka,
da mu nabavim privatnu nelomljivu kupolu,
ja sam njegova devojka robopečurka.

Loši dečaci idu u pakao,
dobre devojčice idu u raj,
devojka robopečurka ide svugde,
što uključuje i raj i pakao.

Ona gura svoje odašiljače gde niko ne sme,
ona ih zabada u nevidljivu prljavštinu,
kako niko drugi ne bi nastradao.

Ona baca sopstvene spore u vazduh
i guta ih u letu,
da se dečkoštrudla ne bi isprepadao!


Devojka robopečurka,
devojka robopečurka
se gljivi gde se niko ne bi gljivio!

Devojka robopečurka,
devojka robopečurka
radi šta joj je njen čip naredio!


Mushroomrbot Girl

I want my darling in hell to
Rock him in the cradle of my ancestors,
Get him his own unbreakable dome,
I want to be his mushroomrobot girl.

Bad boys go to hell,
Good girls go to paradise,
Mushroomrobot girl goes everywhere,
Which includes paradise and hell.

She sticks her transmitters where nobody dares to,
She stickes them in invisible dirt,
So nobody else would get hurt.

She tosses her spores in the air,
And swallows them on fly,
So the strudelboy wouldn't get upset.

How bad.

Mushroomrobot girl,
Mushroomrobot girl,
She fungs where nobody would fung.

Mushroomrobot girl,
Mushroomrobot girl,
Does what her chip tells her to.

4 Reactions to Devojka robopečurka / Mushroomrobot Girl

  1. sopran87 says...

    I like this one! But the thing with the chips is not my cup of tea 🙂 Where the idea came from?

    • Iva says...

      (na engleskom, čisto da bi svi razumeli)

      Basically, being a mushroom/fungus, yet having a chip like a machine is impossible. So, something living and beating could be mistaken for a chip, for example.

  2. karl Haudbourg says...

    So well written. Fantastic.


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