Kristalna uspavanka malih pečuraka / Crystalised Lullaby Of Little Mushrooms

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This p..m puts "cute" in "execute". I started writing a draft for it while travelling back from Petrovac (the Serbian, not the Montenegrin one) on Thursday.

I wanted to post it today though it was written between Thursday and Saturday, as 02nd August's St. Elijah's day for us old calendarists and St. Elijah's "appearance" here is so strange that, if he was really immortal and acted the way us Slavs belive he does, he'd toss a lightning at me.

I wanted to call this p..m "Crystal Lullaby", but in order to avoid any possible references to anything in modern culture, I googled the name and I was terrified that Carpenters claimed it long ago. So, Crystalised Lullaby For Little Mushrooms, it is. One unoriginal title, Up On The Roof is enough.

The title appears to be hinting something completely wrong, the verses appear to be hinting stalking, blasphemy, erotica and whatnot. The truth is elsewhere and everything is very misleading, but it's funnier this way.

The word "villayat" has a couple of different spellings, but I prefer the Urdu one.

Kristalisana uspavanka malih pečuraka

Sa druge strane stakla gledam te kako spavaš,
ti si moja snežna kugla, moj tamni vilajet,
ja sam slatke male pečurke, ništa više od toga,
volela bih da se istopiš svugde po meni, kao sladoled,
volela bih da budem svugde po tebi, u totalnom komensalizmu.

Pretvaram tvoje loše u dobro,
pretvaram tvoje ništa u nešto,
čistim tvoj zadah i činim ga još legendarnijim,
pokrivam te kao fina tkanina i činim te još strašnijim.

I šapućem ti je,
kristalisanu uspavanku Nigdezemlje,
kristalisanu uspavanku svetog Ilije,
kristalno je jasno da iz sna ne možeš da se trgneš,
kristalno je jasno da ovu čin ne možeš da razbiješ.
Do sad bi je već razbio,
ali baš si čvrsto zaspao.
Kao što sam i mislila, nećeš je razbiti.

Čekaj malo, hoćeš?
Nisam mislila da bi, sem ako se pakao ne zaledi.
Ups, ovo je pakao i zaleđen je,
ovo je duga i hladna zima.
Pa, dobro...

Uradi to, sad, odmah!
Ja mogu da udišem svetlost,
ja mogu da progutam grom,
i neću se izmaći,
ne, neću se izmaći.
Da li si čuo?
Da li si čuo?

Znaš, ja osedlam munje dok ti još uvek spavaš,
i ne moram da ronim tako duboko,
ne moram,
to već osećam.


Crystalised Lullaby Of Little Mushrooms

From the other side of the glass, I'm watching you sleep,
You're my snowglobe, my dark vilayat,
I'm cute little mushrooms, nothing more,
I'd like you to melt all over me, like ice cream,
I'd like to be all over you, total commensalism,

I turn your bad into good,
I turn your nothing into something,
I clean the your bad breath and make it even more legendary,
I cover you like fine fabric and make you more scary.

And I whisper it to you,
The crystalised lullaby of Nowhereland,
The crystalised lullaby of saint Elijah.
It is crystally clear you cannot wake up,
It is crystally clear you can't break the spell.
You would've broken it by now,
You're really fast asleep.
Just what I thought, you won't break it.

Wait a minute, you will?
I don't think you would, unless the hell freezes.
Oops, this is hell and it froze,
It's been a vile winter.
Oh, well...

Just do it, do it right now!
I can breathe in the light,
I can swallow the thunder,
And I won't step back,
No, I won't step back.
Heard that?
Heard that?

Because I ride lightnings while you still sleep,
And I don't need to dive that deep,
I don't need it,
I already feel it.

One Reaction to Kristalna uspavanka malih pečuraka / Crystalised Lullaby Of Little Mushrooms

  1. Lelei says...

    Why were you horrified by Carpenters claiming it? Another very breathtaking piece (as always) I keep wanting to make these into songs...


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