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This one is partly a betrayal of my pet peeve - I can't stand it when people use English words just like that, to be more trendy or whatever. But in this particular case, I had to keep an English title and a single English line in this p..m, as it just cannot be translated and make a point.

Originally, I wanted to write one with more comedy than any other and set it in far future. Now, it'll most likely end up being the series' epilogue, thus kicking the title p..m off the last place.

The year is 3010. Nowhereland is no more. People are settling in what used to be total waste-filled deserted area in the past, they build proper infrastructure, revive the city their ancestors came from, the small town which was the centre of the region as well as many villages. They decide to keep the forest, but are afraid to enter it, as it grew large and mysterious. When they do, they stumble over two idiots from ancient times that is the current decade. Somehow, these two idiots have discovered the secret to eternal life. A is excited about resuming life, despite not even knowing where she is. B is all for the idea of dying right there and right now, until he sududenly becomes excited about the opportunities the new world has to offer.

Upon exiting the forest they stumble upon a monument with their names and the year when they supposedly disappeared on it. It is stated that they were the only people to die there in the 21st century. The puzzle pieces fall into place. B falls in love with a local who brought him some less compromiting clothes. A is hungry. However, at some point, she decides to say what she has never said. And the whole story remains as uclear as it was at first.

Both A and B talk in this one.

Props to my UK friend Rebecca, whose arguments with a former friend and a tongue-in-cheek avatar choice made me think of an odd anagram.


Zdravo da si, gos'n odbegli mladoženjo...mlado?!
Nikad nisam mislila da ću te videti ovde,
nikad ne bih pomislila da ću te zateći u haljini,
mislila sam da mladoženje uvek nose odela.
No, šta je, tu je.

Izgledaš baš blesavo.
I, dok si ti trčao,
ne primećujući da si obukao haljinu,
ne primećujući da si u papučama,
to drveće do kolena u kome si se izgubio je poraslo
i sad ima oko hiljadu godina.

Nisam sigurna šta se desilo,
sećam se da smo preturali po nekim škrinjama,
ko zna čijim, ko zna kako, ko zna gde,
da smo isprobavali nečiju smešnu odeću,
da smo malo pomalo počeli da razgovaramo,
da sam te uhvatila za ruku
i da si zaždio glavom bez obzira.
Bože me prosti, pa nisam htela da te silujem,
nisam htela da ti otkinem ruku, već imam dve svoje.
Nisam htela da te pljačkam.

Izgledaš baš blesavo,
ja sam došla da te malo smirim,
a ovi napolju se cerekaju,
ne znaju odakle muškarac u haljini.

Kako "Šta ja to pričam?"
Dragi, ovo je 3010. godina.
Imamo veliki problem,
sve oko ove šume je onakvo kakvo je bilo nekad davno,
obično, prepuno ljudi, prosečno,
samo malčice modernije.

Čekaj malo, a zašto ja trčim?
Neko me je uhvatio za ruku i to mi je smetalo?
Gluposti. Trebalo je da te poslušam i prestanem da trčim.

Da, gluposti.
Trebalo je da te pustim da trčiš i da odem.

Sklanjamo se iz šume, prilaze nam ljudi.
Valjda su prvi put videli legendu koja se obistinila.
Koračamo ka nekom novom gradu,
i onda smo nabasali na čudan spomenik.
Dvoje ljudi. Izgleda da smo to ti i ja.
"U znak sećanja na jedine nastradale ovde u 21. veku?"

(Da li ovaj jezik dalje postoji?)
Upravo to, i traje hiljadu godina, bez ikakvih prepreka.
Očijukaš sa devojkom koja ti je donela normalnu odeću,
a ja sam upravo videla neki restoran i ništa drugo me ne zanima,
možda ću hteti da zvocam i žalim se na tebe kad se najedem,
ali imam utisak da se nećemo rastati,
bez obzira na to koliko me ne podnosiš.
E da, to je baš blesavo.
Hiljadu godina, i još nemam odgovor na tu pretpostavku!

Unclear love.
Moram nešto da ti kažem, naglas.
Neka me izvini ova nepoznata dama.
Znajući kakve sam sreće, biće zemljotresa
i severna hemisfera će eksplodirati.
No, dobro, hajde. Drag si mi.
Još od onog glupog dvadesetog veka kad se sve ono desilo.

Da li si nešto rekla? Ustvari, čekaj malo, ko si ti?


Hello to you, mr. Runaway groom...bride?!
I never expected to see you in this place,
I never thought I'd see you wearing a dress
I thought grooms were always wearing suits.
But, whatever.

You're looking so silly.
And, while you were running,
Not noticing that you put a dress on,
Not noticing that you're wearing slippers,
The trees up to our knees that you got lost amongst grew,
And now they're about thousand years old.

I am not quite sure what happened,
I can recall us digging through some chests,
Who knows whose, who knows how, who knows where,
We were trying out some people's funny clothes,
And bit by bit, we started talking,
Then I took your hand
And you dashed away just like that.
For god's sake, I did not intend to rape you,
I didn't want to pull your arm out, I have two of my own,
I didn't want to rob you, either.

You're looking so silly,
And I came to calm you down a bit,
These people outside are laughing out loud,
They don't know how a man in a dress ended up there.

What are you talking about?

What, "What am I talking about?"
Dear, this is the year 3010.
We have a big problem,
Everything around the forest is the way it used to be once upon a time,
Plain, full of people, average,
Just a tiny bit more modern.

Wait a minute, and why am I running?
Someone grabbed my hand and I had a problem with that?
Awful. I should've listened to you and stopped running.

Yes, nonsense.
I should've let you run and just leave.

I am not sure if I want to live in a world where I don't know anyone.

I dare to say that you know me.

Oh yes, but what else?

Imagine the possibilities of a whole new world.

You're right, let's go.

We're out of the forest, people are approaching,
perhaps this is the first time they saw a legend come alive.
We're walking towards some new city,
And then we run into a strange monument.
Two people, they look like you and I.
"In memory of the only people who died here in the 21st century?"

(Does this language still exist?)
Exactly what it is, lasting for thousand years, with no obstacles.
You're flirting with the girl who brought you normal clothes,
And I have just seen a restaurant and nothing else's on my mind,
Maybe I'll want to nag and complain about you when I'm full,
But I have this impression that we won't part,
Regardless of how much you can't stand me.
Oh yes, that's a silly thing to think about.
Thousand years and I still have no answer to that assumption!

Unclear love.
I have something to say out loud,
May this unknown lady pardon me.
Knowing my luck, there'll be an earthquake
And the northern hemisphere will explode.
But I'll do it. I'm quite fond of you,
Ever since that stupid 20th century when all of this happened.

Have you said something? Actually, wait, who are you?

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