Još o Vučku i o tome kako je osvojio ovaj svet / More About The Little Bad Wolf And How He Conquered This World

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This whole entry, apart from the paragraph you're reading right now was written in the morning of 27th July 2010, when I believe I had more caffeine than ever in my life. Now I don't get people who use stimulants completely, before this, I had at least a wee bit of symphathy for them. What I experienced was like going to hell and it was just a mere soft drink in a large amount. Alcohol? Drugs? No, thanks, not for me. Never! Not that I ever wanted to, but I thought I'd make it sure after this caffeine "overdose".

In the world of Wrong Star, there's A - the girl and B - the man. Sometimes, others appear, though...such as the Little Bad Wolf. He's everywhere so, even though A appears to be one of rare characters stuck in the Nowhereland who doesn't like him, she cannot avoid him. Some trees in the Wrong Forest look like him, he probably took a wizz on them.

In terms of how bizarre this is, it doesn't fit well with the rest of Wrong Star. It's almost as bizarre as Puppy, Candy, Kitty.

Little Bad Wolf also appears in Little Bad Wolf #1, Bunny (unpublished as of now) and everywhere. By the time Wrong Star's over and done with, I might change his name into Cryptococcus neoformans.

Još o Vučku i o tome kako je osvojio ovaj svet

Vučko je kao mirođija.
Mirođija je u skoro svakom jelu.
No, mirođija me ne uzbuđuje.
Mirođija kvari ukus hrane.
Mirođija mi zastaje u grlu.

Gde god se okrenem, Vučko.
Ko god da zine, Vučko.
Prijatelj mojih prijatelja...da, opet Vučko.
Teško je ne voleti Vučka kad je svugde.
Ali ja sam karakter.

Vučko će sa vukovima,
Vučko će sa zečevima,
Vučko će sa ladoležom,
Vučko će sa bakicama,
Vučko če sa samim sobom,
Vučko će sa svojom senkom.
Iju! A šta?
Pa družiće se s njima, šta drugo? A šta ste mislili?



More About The Little Bad Wolf And How He Conquered This World

Little bad Wolf is like dill.
Dill is in every single meal.
Yet, dill is not my thrill.
Dill spoils the food.
Dill gets stuck in my throat.

Wherever I turn, there's Little Bad Wolf.
Whoever opens the mouth, Little Bad Wolf.
Friend of my friends...yes, Little Bad Wolf.
Hard not to love Little Bad Wolf when he's everywhere.
But I'm a character.

Little Bad Wolf will with wolves,
Little Bad Wolf will with rabbits,
Little Bad Wolf will with morning glory,
Little Bad Wolf will with old ladies,
Little Bad Wolf will with himself,
Little Bad Wolf will with own shadow.
Eeek! And what will he?
Be friends, hang around with, of course. And what were you thinking?


2 Reactions to Još o Vučku i o tome kako je osvojio ovaj svet / More About The Little Bad Wolf And How He Conquered This World

  1. Lelei says...

    But why is he bad? 🙂

    • Iva says...

      If he was a Formula One driver, he'd be, I don't know, Mark Webber?! Someone who took years, but got what they want in the end. With one difference - Mark Webber is not a villain.

      Little Bad Wolf is a specific type of a villain, a very sophisticated, progressive one. At the same time, he has a personality problem, he thinks he's a rabbit.


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