Tako se ne probija zid / That is not how you break a wall

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Remember the freaky swallows that were defending that moody flower? In the next episode, the narrator turns into a swallow.

The flower is now a human and that human apparently has the power of breaking the walls, but not the right way. Having found a swallow that obviously needs something, they place it in a soft drinking cup and not bother about it anymore. The swallow bites because it's hungry, they bite back because they can't believe they've been biten. Strangely enough, the swallow ends up feeding the human, but not itself. Its eyes are changing colours. It could probably leave the Wrong Star land, but it's either lost a map or destroyed it on purpose, as there's still something appealing about the human holding it in a soft drinking cup. And so on...

Eyes going from black to blue? Science, actually. Funny enough, my own eyes went from sky-blue to hazel at the age of 3. I assume there are many such stories all around this purgatory of a continent.

Many thanks to my dear friend, Kathryn Hayes, whose story of rescuing a baby robin and taking it to a wildlife rescue in a soft drinking cup helped me combine the lines about breaking a wall with something that forms an actual p..m.

Tako se ne probija zid

Ovako se probija zid,
ovako se probija zid,
ovako se probija zid,

Ceo život u jednokratnoj čašici,
trebalo je da staviš šaku odozgo,
no nisi.
I sad je dole, dole, dole; a ne gore, gore, gore.
Trebalo je da joj zavrneš šiju i pre nego što se opasulji.

Laste poput ove ili ne treba da žive,
ili im je potrebna prava ljubav.
Laste poput ove će ili ujesti šaku koja ih hrani,
ili će hraniti šaku koja ih ujeda, u malim, no zlatnim zalogajima.

Njene oči od crnih prelaze u plave,
dok joj srce od crvenog postaje crno,
njeni snovi od velikih postaju mali,
dok joj otrovi od malih prelaze u velike.

Ovo je, svakako, nekakva čudna ravnoteža,
nikoga da čita i piše, nikoga da voli,
samo nagoni i jedenje sirovog mesa.

Ne treba više da letiš tako visoko,
zaslepljen svetlošču možeš da udariš u blok olova.

Ovako se lomi lutka,
ovako se lomi lutka,
ovako se lomi lutka.

Ceo život u pogrešnoj orbiti,
trebalo je da zalepiš par biskvita u obliku srca,
no ti si ih pojeo.
Lep, lep, lep; umesto njam, njam njam.
Trebalo je da isključiš nebo pre nego što je zasvetlelo.

Laste poput ove ili ne treba da pevaju,
ili treba da pevaju šta god im srce želi.
Laste poput ove ne mogu napolje jer nemaju mapu...
ili baš hoće da kruže ovuda, na svaku kap iz slavine.

Ovo je, svakako, nekakav čudan sistem:
nikoga da iščupa travu, nikoga tamo gore,
samo putevi koji se više ne ukrštaju i presecaju.

Ne treba više da se naslanjaš nad rekom.
Reka je svetlozelena i prepuna iskrica.

Ovo nije to na šta sam mislila,
ako sam ikad rekla da treba da probiješ zid,


That is not how you break a wall

This is how you break a wall,
This is how you break a wall,
This is how you break a wall...

A whole life in a soft drinking cup,
You should've put your hand above it.
But you didn't.
A whole down down down and no up up up,
You should've crooked its neck before it came round to it.

Swallows like this one either shouldn't live,
Or they need to be treated with proper love.
Swallows like this either bite the hand that feeds,
Or they feed a hand that bites, in small, yet golden bites.

Its eyes go from black to blue,
As its heart goes from red to black.
Its dreams go from big to small,
While its poison goes from small to big.

This sure is a strange kind of a balance,
Nobody to read and write, nobody to give love,
Only basic instict and eating raw flesh.

You should stop flying so high,
Blinded by the light, you might hit a block of lead.

This is how you break a doll,
This is how you break a doll,
This is how you break a doll...

A whole life in a wrong orbit,
You should've glued on some heart-shaped cookies,
But you ate them.
Glue glue glue and no yum yum yum.
You should've turned the sky off before it lit up.

Swallows like this one either shouldn't sing,
Or they need to sing whatever their hearts desire,
Swallows like this can't get out due to a lack of map...
Or they actually want to circle around at every drip of a tap.

This sure is a strange kind of a system,
Nobody to pull the weed, nobody above,
Roads that no longer interesect and mash.

You should stop leaning over the river bank.
The river is bright green and full of sparkles.

This is not what I meant,
If I ever said that you should break the wall.
Not at all!

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