Retrogradno-cirkularna metamorfoza / Retrograde-Circular Metamorphosis

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

After a little break, here's a Wrong Star p..m again. That probably means I'm not done and that there still are a couple of motifs to explore. Certain country's Eurovision entry inspired me a lot, too. Well, at least it made to the top 10.

The title of this one was taken from one of my favourite entertainers of all times, Dragoljub Ljubičić - "Mićko". He used it in his book "National Park Serbia - part 2 - Half-end of the Half-world". I came accross that phrase and thought how it could be applied to things that have nothing to do with what Mićko had in mind. And it has nothing to do with Serbia either. Still, I have to credit him for this title. I hope he's not going to have a problem with it.

Just like Up On The Roof, this is like a toxic, yet charming "conversation". You know, "conversations" are the best way of telling people what's wrong, if anything's wrong, if something's actually right et cetera. That's the meow-meow way of solving a problem.

I could've done this in colours, but there's one huge problem. I see the characters as the shades of the same colour! Boo. >_< If I end up making that PDF version of the book in the end, one of the characters might be represented with a more articulate font and the other in a bit messy way. Wait a sec, I imagine both of them to be a bit messy. Let's stop right here. Temporary solution in the case of this particular p..m: whenever there's a new paragraph, the characters are switching. The story? At first, it appears that a strange, lone leader is raising goons to send them out of whatever is the place that leader's governing. The other group of goons appears not to want to leave and they want to be controlled and serve. Unfortunately, they have coome along with someone who does not appear to be a goon and who's testing the leader's patience, albeit not for the sake of getting them annoyed - just because they fail to see the same picture, yet what they see is pleasing. This backtalking character causes the leader to become self-righteous to the point when they're claiming that they're undergoing a rather impossible process of self-degradation. Of course, self-rightenousness and self-degradation don't really go hand in hand, which makes one of them untrue. In the end, it turns out that backtalking character has actually trapped the other in a story they're writing, which they can abruptly end at any given time, which then occurs. This one could be a vendetta. But it's not. It's just another Wrong Star p..m. Just like the most of the series, there's a 100% realistic way of reading it. How? Everything can be commercialised, including deaths, terrorist attacks, volcano erruptions and disasters. Everything can have someone making money out of it. Eventually, someone will be bitter? Did I say "bitter" again? Indeed I did! Retrogradno-cirkularna metamorfoza

Gomile životinja se hrane na mom lešu.
Nije me briga. Ne, nije me briga.
Posle nekog vremena dobiju krila i pipke,
i kao potpuno nove odlaze u drugi svet.
Nije me briga. Ne, nije me briga.
To su moje životinje
i one zaslužuju sve najbolje
iako su malo neobične,
neobičnost je veoma lepa,
neobičnost je maltene slepa.

A ti, gde su tvoja krila?
Zar nisi, šta ono beše, neka vrsta leptira?
Zar nisi, šta ono beše, neka vrsta ptice?

Retrogradno-cirklularna metamorfoza,
lutka do daljnjeg.
Retrogradno-cirkularna metamorfoza,
ja sam gusenica!

Uh, u redu. I onda?

Gomila pustinjaka se i dalje vrzma ovuda.
Zašto su tu? Zašto su i dalje tu?
I dalje piju otrov i tvrde da je med,
i ti, što sama praviš med kod kuće,
koji si ti andrak, pobogu?

Prava. Istinita. A ti?

Retrogradno-cirklularna metamorfoza,
lutka do daljnjeg.
Retrogradno-cirklularna metamorfoza...
marš napolje!
Možeš da mi dođeš preko mosta,
ovi mostovi padaju svakog dana,
jednom će pasti i taj tvoj.

Ako se to desi, plivaću.

Plivaćeš sa mojim RIBETINAMA?
One su nenormalne i mnogo vole meso.

Da, vole tvoje meso.
Mene ni pas s maslom ne bi pojeo.

Ovde psi ostavljaju i šest, osam tragova.

A ja sam mislila da ostavljaju...četiri.

Ovde možeš biti pojedena iza svakog drveta.

Ne sećam se da sam ikad videla drvo ljudoždera.

Ovo bi se dopalo nekome ko voli da sanjari.

E, ja volim da sanjarim, a ovo mi se ne dopada.
Ustvari, sad ću ga prekinuti.
Teraš me napolje, a ne shvataš ko ovo priča.
Mora da je bilo glupo biti sa tvoje strane.


Retrograde-Circular Metamorphosis

A bunch of animals are feeding on my corpse.
I don't care. No, I don't care.
After some time they grow wings and tentacles
And totally new they're leaving to another world.
I don't care. No, I don't care.
Those animals are my own
And they deserve all the best
Even though they're a bit unusual
Being unusual is so very beautiful
Being unusual is almost a matter of being blind.

And you, where are your wings?
Aren't you, what, some sort of a butterfly?
Aren't you, what, some sort of a bird?

Retrograde-circular metamorphosis,
A cocoon until further notice.
Retrograde-circular metamorphosis,
I'm a caterpillar

Uh, all right. And then?

A bunch of scavengers is still messing around.
Why are they here? Why are they still here?
They're still drinking poison and claiming it's honey,
And you, making your own honey at home,
What exactly in the heaven's name are you?

Real. Truthful. And you?

Retrograde-circular metamorphosis,
A cocoon until further notice.
Retrograde-circular metamorphosis...
Get out of here!
You can cross a bridge to me,
These bridges are falling every day,
Someday, yours will fall down too.

If that happens, I shall swim.

You'll swim with my BIG FISH?
They're abnormal and they really like meat.

Yes, your meat.
Nobody's really in for eating mine.

Here dogs leave six to eight paw marks.

Funny, I'd think they leave...four.

Here you can get eaten behind any tree.

I don't recall trees that eat people.

Someone who loves to dream would like this.

Eh, I like to dream and I don't like this.
As a matter of a fact, I'll stop it right now.
You're chasing me out, not understanding who is telling the story.
It must be really stupid to be on that other side.

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