Zaglavljeni / Stuck

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This is going to be a weak one. I had a great idea, but it just didn't turn out the way I wanted to. I like where you can pin-point details precise by, like, centimetres and milimetres, but I don't think this is strong enough. It's supposed to be a nightmare version of what would be a perfect playdate for anyone under the age of 10. However, it turns into a strange take on a very bizzare thing that happened in my own life at the very beginning of 2009...a motif I can't seem to stop exploring, because it makes no sense.

Some of my friends are going to, how is that said, raise their eyebrow at a specific line. And I would like to remind them that the same concept was found before they think, as far as Lewis Carroll days.


Ako se nikad nije okretao,
hoću li ikad stići dole?
Hoću li ikad sići?
Hoćeš li se ikad popeti?

Toliko sam blizu neba,
ali i posle godina provedenih ovde,
ne umem da letim,
a ne zanima me zašto.

Kaži da sam imuna,
kaži da sam neprilagođena,
kaži da sam patetična,
kaži da sam nacifrana,
kaži da sam jednina,
kaži da sam množina
kaži da sam štagod želiš,
dokle god kažeš da sam nešto...

...da li sam želela da budem išta?

Ako se nikad nije sudarao,
kako će se sudariti s tvojim?
Hoću li ikad usporiti?
Hoćeš li ikad ubrzati?

Blizu sam ograničenja brzine,
ali nekako mi to ne odgovara,
što brže idem, sve sam sporija,
a ako stanem? Pa, ništa ne biva.

Daj mi zatišje,
daj mi nasilje,
daj mi višnje,
daj mi svevišnjeg,
daj mi magareće uši,
daj mi nešto da me plaši
daj šta daš,
dokle god ga daješ...

...da li sam stvarno želela nešto?



If it has never spun around
Will I ever get down there?
Will I ever get off?
Will you ever get on?

I'm so close to the sky,
But even after years of sitting here,
I cannot seem to fly
And I don't even care to know why.

Call me immune,
Call me out of tune,
Call me apologetic,
Call me pathetic,
Call me singular,
Call me plural,
Call me what you want,
As long as you call me...

...did I want to be called anything?

If it has never been bumped,
How will I bump into yours?
Will I ever slow down?
Will you ever speed up?

I'm so close to the limit,
But somehow I'm not with it,
The faster I go, the slower I am
And if I'm still? Nothing happens then.

Give me silence,
Give me violence,
Give me a cone,
Give me The One,
Give me a cherry,
Give me a scary,
Give me what you want
As long as you give it...

...did I really want anything?

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