Sanjarak sanjarak mlečni dodatak / Dreamer Dreamer Coffee Creamer

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Here's another p..m of the Forever Nine series. I am not quite sure if that one has an ending, where it's going and if it's supposed to be positive, negative, rough, sentimental or some sort of a fifth kind of a thing (because it's worth it - lame joke...).

I originally wanted to write something Jabberwocky-ish, somewhat inspired by some things about which their authors actually didn't joke and a nonsense, impossible to translate, three-line essay that my neighbour's school mate wrote in detention close to 30 years ago (for my local friends, it was: Čegeburge širom šisve, / svi bagrepi tiho žvikse, / kuvno beše, ali zlupki strepi)...and then, it turned out that it makes some sense. It's like putting cute in execute: a cute cloud comes up, you're impressed by it and then it pees on you. If anyone has strange ideas on this topic or a little uncle Sigmund voice in their, I don't think of peeing on someone/something as an erotic scene or anything similar. It's just plain old humiliation and this is the second time I used it - another p...m, from 2007, titled Ono drvo / That Tree features something similar, however less abstract, as there are a dog and a tree.

Sanjarak sanjarak mlečni dodatak

Sanjarak sanjarak mlečni dodatak
traži reči koje će me odvući
i skoro da sam zaronila u oblake.
I onda se površina razbistri
i to je samo piće koje ne volim,
mogu samo da ga gledam.

Tako je jer su
oblaci negde drugde
i nije moje da ih nišanim,
niti je moje da stojim ispod njih,
jer onda samo mokre na mene.

Mislila sam da pišem satiru,
napisala sam glupost.
To je samo zbog tebe,
bez uvrede, ma ...

Dreamer Dreamer Coffee Creamer

Dreamer Dreamer Coffee Creamer
Looking for words to take me away
And I'm almost diving in the clouds
But then the surface clears
And it's just a drink I don't like
I can only look at it.

That is because
Clouds are elsewhere
And aren't mine to aim at
And aren't mine to stand underneath
All they do is urinate on me

I started writing a satire
I ended up with nonsense
It's because of you,
No offense, but ....

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