Dva po ceni jednog / Two For The Price Of One

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Oh look, here comes a weaker joint. It's not in the Wrong Star series and there's actually something brilliant about it: it's not about what it's about! It doesn't touch its own matter. It's like rain about to fall that never falls. It's full of historical references, too...but seriously, it does not advertise anything. It's solely trying to place the exact same thing (which it doesn't mention at all) in two different periods of time, in the same month of two different years.

Mom told me to separate non-Wrong Star p..ms from the other p..ms and I think she's right. This one, as well as Christina, It's Maya and some others will go into their own series. The series' working title is Forever Nine and it was inspired by what happened to me in the Kopitareva gradina park. Also, being forever nine is far more flattering that being forever twenty-five, which would at the same collide with Wrong Star, and I don't want that. Plus, nobody would like a collision with the core of Wrong Star...it would be the worst thing ever to happen to the entire world, frankly.

So, there you go, two for the price of one. It's like some sort of a sale.

Dva po ceni jednog

Bagrenje preliveno malim belim cvetovima
"Why me?" na Sony Trinitronima,
pismeno delenje.

Dnevnik ima Dnevnikov dodatak koji traje predugo,
ovo je nova zemlja sa starim imenom,
uskoro sankcije.

Nema Miki Maus,
nema Koka-Kola,
nema ekskurzija,
nema Crvena Zvezda,
nema snovi.

Krim traje samo pet dana,
ali uskoro će Barselona!

Sve ove male zemlje će u UN,
kakva zbrka, kakva zbrka!
Kakav je ovo mesec?


Bagrenjem pod pokrovom malih belih cvetova,
no nešto ne cvetaju ruže na LCD ekranima,
konstantno množenje.

Dnevnici su bezveze, a ima ih bezbroj,
ovo je stara zemlja u novom dobu,
možeš gde hoćeš.

Miki Maus nije više to,
Pepsi je bolji od Koka-Kole,
matora za ekskurzije,
Crvena Zvezda podbacila,
snovi se ne obistinjuju.

Neki vulkan bljuje li bljuje,
uskoro će Južna Afrika.

Svi odbijaju istinu,
odbijam je i ja, kakav užas.
Kakva je ovo kiša?

Two For The Price Of One

Black locusts covered in little white flowers,
"Why Me?" on the Sony Trinitrons,
Long division.

The Daily News have a long, boring addition,
This is a new country with an old name,
Economic sanctions soon.

No Mickey Mouse
No Coca Cola
No excursion
No Red star
No dreams.

Crimea lasts only five days,
Barcelona coming soon, though!

All these small countries to UN?!
What a mess, what a mess!
What kind of a month is this?


Black locusts covered in little white flowers,
But no roses blossoming on LCD screens.
Constant multiplication.

The Daily News are bad, too many of them anyway,
This is an old country in a new era,
And you can go wherever you want to.

Mickey Mouse isn't what he used to be,
I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola
Too old for excursions,
Red Star is so bad nowadays,
Dreams aren't coming true.

Some volcano blows over and over,
South Africa coming soon.

Everyone's rejecting the truth,
So do I, what horror.
And what kind of rain is this?

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