Veslanje u prazno / Paddling Over Nothing

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I sat down at the break of dawn, hoping to write a p..m where there's at least one ferris wheel...if not two: one that never spun and one that's constantly spinning. Instead of that, I suddenly thought of two dates bearing the same number - the date that inevitably happened and the date that didn't really have to happen the way it did. Both have something in common: no definite explanation. Ironically, the first is harder to explain, yet is explained better, through dozens of films, books, expert articles. The second could be explained with a couple of sentences from the right mouth. But that might happen in, like, ten years, when nothing will really matter again.

More made-up words. I'm not proud of this, but I clearly hope that they don't give the impression of some modern pseudo-artistic hipster rubbish, rather than something common to romanticism. One of my favourite writers from 200 years ago was making up words. And what was his personal tragedy? He was in love with a rich family's daughter who didn't care much. But that did not stop him from being one of the greatest Serbian poets, ever.

So, where is this? It might be in the dairy, cloudy fields of Syrmia. It might be in the abandoned wetlands of Polesia. Sometimes, just is not clear what's going on. And yes, this one's grotesque. There are two dates bearing the same number, yet not the same month and definitely NOT the same year. But it was interesting to mash them up.

What else? Just like Mala Distordiae, this steals structure of another piece of what I like to consider literature and what I'd call a p..m, because it's fun that way. What piece is that? If I knew its real name, I would write it down. Wait a minute. I wouldn't, even then.

Veslanje u prazno

Svake noći
srećem te u Ništaviji,
svake noći
te sanjam.
Svake noći te jurim po šumama,
svake noći te ganjam.
Svake noći mi bežiš
svake noći me psuješ


I sve su te noći
bolne kao Ona Noć,
i sve su te noći
veslanje u prazno,
izvan vremena,
izvan vidokruga.
Izvan sveta,
bez ikakvih duga.

Noći su veoma svetle u Ništaviji,
taj svet je prepun večnih svitaca,
noći su nekad i mučne u ništaviji,
sa višeneprisutnima u centru tvojih zenica.

Oni su, da te razočaram
stvarni, no, negde drugde
Spuštaš se rekom,
jednog dana ćeš doploviti.


Paddling Over Nothing

Every night
I meet you in Nowhereland,
Every night
I'm dreaming of you.
Every night I'm chasing you through forests
Every night I'm after you.
Every night you're running away from me,
Every night you're swearing.


And all those nights are
As painful as That Night
And all those nights
Are paddling over Nothing
Out of time,
Out of sight,
Out of this world,
With no rainbows at all.

Nights are very bright in Nowhereland,
That world's full of eternal fireflies,
Nights can be nauseous in Nowlereland,
With nolongertheres only in your eyes.

And they're, sorry, not in your mind,
But real, elsewhere.
Floating down the river,
One day you'll float by.

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  1. Silja says...

    Hello Iva, how have you been? 🙂

  2. Ms. Heather aka scribblequeen says...

    I really like your writing. I wish I could read it in the non-English version, though. I have a weird attraction to languages.

    Someday... 😀


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