Skokovi u pobesnelu vatru / Jumps Into The Raging Fire

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Today is the 08th of May. I always think of it as the date one of my elementary and high school friends was born and at the same time, in the same hour, the day a crazy Canadian daredevil finished his guest appearance on this planet. So, it's somewhat suitable that this daredevilish p..m is going live today, though the date is a pure coincidence.

This is fresh and new, straight from the oven, just like most of my Therefore, in case I never said so, there might be errors in the English version. But this is one of the rare where I got both versions to rhyme exactly the way I wanted.

Since one of my dearest friends more or less complained that he doesn't get these, I tried to sum this one up for him.

This could be about many things...
- people growing old and losing the motivation;
- people not wanting to take any risks anymore;
- people advancing from one layer of the society to the other and deciding they no longer need anything normal;
- people thinking they downgraded themselves to the level of your everyday citizen, yet appearing to be even bigger snobs than before ;
- today's society being overmedicated, too pampered, people forgetting what their lives were really about;
- wrong philosophies and fusions of religions that all emerged after the WWII in the "first" world...

...and it likely is about a couple of those things, if not all of them. What prompted me to write it? I saw a common household item on the screen, and I had an item of the same kind next to me. I felt a sudden rush of anger, not even knowing why...and I broke it. Then I picked all the pieces of my item and put it inside of it. Then it reminded me of something Wrong Star-ish. Then I wrapped it in a nylon bag and put it next to a couple of other items of the same kind in normal condition. Then I smiled. Everything that causes inspiration is good!

I tend to steer away from having "a way" because once I ended up in some sort of a Hearts Kingdom and found a character similar to the queen of hearts in that "all the ways here are mine way"...but, since this is going into the Wrong Star series, it is, alongside Up On The Roof, in its own way, a little tribute to thousands of really, really brave people. One day in the near future I hope to put a flower from the outside world on the grave of those amongst them who no longer walk amongst us. They have done a big thing for Europe, a big thing for their own countries, a big thing for the childhood of many European children of that time, including me. That's the samaritanism I like, on a huge scale, with a real sacrifice involved.

The bunny with no ears appears in another p..m, simply titled Bunny, but that one is not public, due to being slightly too straightforward. That one also contains a mention of a couple more wolves.

Skokovi u pobesnelu vatru

Život je mekan poput livadskih cvetova,
život je beo poput planinskih smetova,
život je gladak poput brušenog dragulja,
život nigde ne boli, život nigde ne žulja.

A nekad smo skakali u sve,
nismo se bojali ničega, baš,
skokovi u pobesnelu vatru,
kao da je svako potpuno ista vaš.
Sećaš li se?
Sećaš li se?

Život je sladak poput najslađeg vina,
život je prefinjen poput krzna hermelina,
život je tamo gde su hrana i voda samo u zaleđu,
život je tamo gde samo jedna stvar može utoliti žeđ.

A nekad smo hvatali sve u letu,
nismo sumnjali ni u šta, stvarno,
preleti preko svetlucavih zvezda
odjednom deluju zaboravljeni davno.
Čuješ li me?
Ćuješ li me?

Jao, zeko, opet sam zaboravila... ti nemaš uši. Siroto moje!


Jumps Into The Raging Fire

Life's as soft as flowers on a meadow,
Life's as white as piles of mountain snow,
Life's as smooth as well-polished jewels,
Life doesn't hurt and it never burns,

And we used to jump into everything,
We weren't afraid of anything, at all!
Jumps into the raging fire,
As if everyone was perfectly equal.
Do you remember that?
Do you remember that?

Life's as sweet as the sweetest of wines,
Life's as sophisticated as fur of an ermine,
Life's where food and water don't come first,
Life's where only one thing can quench your thirst.

And we used to catch everything in flight,
Not being doubtful of anything, really so!
Looping above shimmering stars in the night
Suddenly seem to be forgotten long ago.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?

Oww, bunny, I forgot it again... have no ears. My poor dear!

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